Special counsel Robert Mueller finished his investigation into the 2016 presidential election scandal and Russia Collusion, delivering his final report to Attorney General William Barr. The Mueller probe, which began not quite two-years ago, has come to its conclusion. Now let the epic battle begin — time for the fallout, in whatever form that takes. I predict, we haven’t seen nothing yet!

So what has transpired? Two years, 37 indictment or guilty pleas, and 199 criminal charges, but barely a word from the special counsel…five people, including some of President Trump’s closest former advisers, have been sentenced or sent to prison.

Certainly, there’s dozens, if not hundreds of rumors and innuendos about all kinds of questionable and even ridiculous stories. Mostly driven by speculation and opinion from all sides of the political spectrum and naturally the Trump-hating mainstream media; i.e.; fake news. And yet for all the political fallout, intrigue over Mueller’s prosecutorial strategy and obsession with the contents of his final report, the office of the special counsel has remained an almost sealed vessel, perhaps. So what can we expect?

With that, realize that there are certain basic procedural facts that govern what happens next. The report submitted is classified “Confidential” and there’s no guarantee that the public will ever lay eyes on it, at least redacted parts – except of course, other than through leaks, again perhaps. We can be sure of that.

After reading Mueller’s findings, Barr must submit his own report to Congress, which could contain as much, or as little information as he chooses. The only disclosure he’s required to make at this point: whether the Justice Department stopped the special counsel from taking “inappropriate or unwarranted” action during the course of the investigation. Already, AG Barr for the most part says that didn’t happen. Beyond that, it’s still anybody’s guess … so what happens next?

Right now, at the very least, Barr has initially provided a rough sense of timing as to what his next steps are. In a letter to the leadership of both the House and Senate Judiciary Committees, sent at the end of the day on Friday, Barr suggested that he may be in a position to advise them of the Special Counsel’s principle conclusions as soon as this weekend. He will of course provide this and other associated information and advice to the President too, who is spending the weekend at Mar-a-Largo. He also has committed to working with both Mueller and deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein to determine exactly what information he can share. This perhaps is the reason Rosenstein, while he announced his resignation and leaving his positions, has remained on the job till the end of this month or so.

Next from there, it’s anyone’s guess — who can say! It’s unclear what information Mueller might have included in the report that’s not already public, much less what portion of that information Barr might share. The only guarantee at this point is that if he delivers anything less than the full report. And remember, the Democrats will do whatever it takes and go to whatever lengths necessary to obtain that information, by any means necessary. Perhaps even speculating, misinforming or even so far as to make it up. Keep a particularly close eye on Adam Schiff (D-CA) Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. At the same time, watch Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) who said; “We look forward to the full Mueller report and related materials.” Nadler is the House Judiciary chair. Saying further, “Transparency and the public interest demand nothing less. The need for public faith in the rule of law must be the priority.”

Schiff and Nadler, these two less than honorable left-wing Democrats are extremely fraudulent, untrustworthy, and totally unprofessional and will take any opportunity to politicize their positions as members and chairman of House Committees to justifying the taking down of President Trump.

Understand, that’s just one potential path. The Mueller report could lay out devastating, irrefutable evidence of crimes committed by both President Trump and his inner circle, or it could absolve them, completely. I tend to doubt the former, as that would have already been leaked and the Democrats would have been freaking out already. On the other hand, it could either spur Congress to finally impeach the president, which is quite possible, or leave his critics wanting. Another, aspect and likely is that Congress could drag Mueller in to testify, or they might not. More indictments could become unsealed, supposedly there are numerous, although early reports suggest otherwise. But anyone who says one way or the other about any of this, with any certainty, I’m afraid is selling snake oil.

All things considered, the most important thing to remember, in the fervor of completion of the report. No one other than AG William Barr knows more than they did yesterday. And the choices that lie ahead—for Barr and the DoJ, for Congress, for President Trump, for America — are the ones that will define whether this story cracks the foundation of the U.S. political and justice systems, or recedes into a footnote of history, perhaps as a disappointing and disastrous joke.

In truth, the safest thing to do at this point is to try to avoid any and all speculation altogether. If there’s anything Mueller has taught us over these 22-months, it’s that he’s consistently further ahead than even the most vibrant imaginations may have ever suspected. Consider the typical conventional wisdom model of Washington, DC, and at the same time reality. Realize it doesn’t mean he necessarily found a smoking gun, while at the same time that one existed to be found.

Similarly, by that same token, don’t assume that the Mueller report will tell the whole story of the supposed and alleged conspiracy of Trump’s empire of worldwide corruption, as the Democrats want you to believe. Remember also that at least a dozen Trump-related investigations are ongoing outside of the special counsel’s office, flung across U.S. Attorneys offices in the Southern District of New York, Washington, DC, and in Virginia. Remember, too, that Mueller has already won two jury trials against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

More importantly, he’s produced hundreds upon hundreds of pages of legal documents that outline a clear pattern of duplicity that extends all the way from Moscow to Trump Tower. If you’re looking to scratch your Mueller report itch, you can always research those. To me this whole nearly two-year affair once deemed too bogus even before Trump took office, turned into a ‘chaff and flares’ (military jargon) distraction to distance, or delay any opportunity to investigate Hillary Clinton.

Everything about this report, the Deep State and the whole Democrat Party narrative is anti-Trump and pro-Hillary. Her finger prints, along with Obama, are all over much of this whole charade and scandalous affair.

Finally, it’s been a long investigation. It’s natural to want to move on. But accept, at least for now, that we may never get to read the Mueller report, and that even if you do it may not say what you want, and that even if it does, the fights it will spark—no matter which way it lands—could take many more years to play out.

The Mueller report is done. The hard part starts now. You thought the last two-years were tough? Let the Epic Battle Begin!