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Why are white youths demonstrating exclusively for the marxist group, Black Lives Matter, to the detriment of all people? Who are these people and why should we listen to them apart from the fact they may kill us if we don’t? Why are they intent on closing down America? The answer to that last question is easy, it’s because the Democrat Party got knocked off its power platform by Donald Trump and they want that power back. The millennials are just “useful Idiots” much like Hitlers Brown Shirts…

By |August 4th, 2020|

Just who are these white millennials who presume to tell the rest of America through the shock of street violence, how America is such a rotten unjust society that must be dug out root

Before the Civil War, Blacks were enslaved physically, systematically, psychologically, the Democrats were able to tragically achieve their goals, by having a great number of corrupt Black leaders join them. Democrats snookered the Black citizens and their votes through unethical and self-serving Black Politicians, Black Civic Organizers and also Black Preachers. Just look at the devastated landscape of most of 70 cities controlled by Democrats, both Black and White leaders. Check how it was possible for so many of them to…

By |August 3rd, 2020|

The American people today are divided politically almost equally (47% each) between Democrats and Republicans. There are undecided 6%. Democrats thrive only by their policies of Divide & Rule. They

After half a year of mental trauma, I am seeing even the strongest and most focused among us beginning to show signs of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It does not bode well for our nation unless we find the strength to reverse this malaise. COVID-19 has taught everyone to view everyone else as suspect. Anyone within six feet is a stranger danger. Anyone without a mask is a mass murderer. In the principles of neuro linguistic programming also known as brainwashing, if a person is exposed to the same story long enough…

There are so many untruths coming from mainstream media outlets⏤all to push a doom and gloom scenario that can be tied back to President Trump in an election year. Everything needs to be questioned: Counting the cases of people who have died from the virus is a big question mark. Using cases as opposed to total population to advance the narrative that the virus is spreading out of control is a constant message being pushed by media outlets to instill fear in the populace…

By |August 4th, 2020|

We have seen the reversal of our economy and our lives change dramatically over the last six months. We all have our theories of how this invisible murderous COVID-19 virus



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