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Civilization Is Discrimination

The fall of the Western civilization, a grand historical drama, the tragic end of which we are now witnessing, can be traced to the sexual revolution of the 1960’s and the birth of the feminist movement. After two millennia of caring about what these same adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms above all else, this new generation of Westerners, specifically American Westerners, decided that they would cede the cultural, ethical, moral, and religious ground to Satan as long as they could line their pockets with silver…

By |July 3rd, 2020|

One of the least understood yet most important victories that the progressive left has had over the Western Civilization was the indoctrination in the vast majority of new generation Westerners of

Generations of tyrants who know nothing of American history, who care nothing for their fellow man, and who’ve been indoctrinated by a runaway education system and a culture of ignorance favoring me first ideologies. These tyrants are the masked bandits who defaced and vandalized countless national monuments throughout the country with little regard for consequences they will legally face with the promise of ten years + in jail for domestic terrorism. These are the misguided young minds Pres Reagan warned us about…

By |July 2nd, 2020|

It's America's 244th Birthday and we are reminded once again why our forefathers fought during the American Revolution, and why they created the vital and liberating document known as the

When the huddled masses in ocean vessels approached the port of New York on their way to Ellis Island, most of them were awe struck by the welcoming torch of Lady Liberty. Yes, they came for opportunity, but the LEGAL appreciative immigrants, like their forefathers, sought both religious and societal liberty and freedom from stifling dictatorships. But my oh my have times changed. But ‘We the People’ have only ourselves to blame for the tragedy that has become New York City today…

By |July 3rd, 2020|

When I was growing up in Cleveland, one of the great pleasures of summer vacation was our annual family getaway. Through the years we visited wonderful places like Boston, Washington DC.,

Sick and tired of being called a racist? Then do the right thing and find a substitute for NASCAR. I like Bubba Wallace as a driver and a great guy, and am a fan of his, but I won’t be dehumanized by anyone calling me a racist. The second quarter of 2020, Nike lost 790 million dollars. A few more of those and it’s $ billion in the tank. Hmmm, I wonder why it happened? Millions of Gillette users decided they didn’t like being lectured to, and switched to shave clubs and dollar shops. Got great razors and cut their costs 70%…