Einstein was right when he defined insanity as “Doing the same things over and over again, yet expecting different results”.

His purpose forced him to change his approach which altered the course of history in World War II.

His Theory of Relativity remains the cornerstone of Physics today.

For two long years, the Democrats have lost their relativity while riding a dead horse narrative, which the upper echelons knew full well, was a bogus storyline.

In spite of this Collusion Delusion they still pushed forward with their evil plans to remove a sitting President.

Their latest stunt is to threaten the congressionally confirmed U.S. Attorney General William Barr with threats to lock him up. Barr wasn’t going to have their underlings question him in the House Judiciary Committee, and said no thank you to their circus antics. So the Radical Left indulged in Kentucky Fried Chicken while they licked their chops on the next move.

So insanity struck again⏤when the summary conclusion of the Collusion Delusion from the Mueller Report fell flat on their plans to impeach #45.

AG Barr, the top LEO in the nation was steadfast that there was no there, there. It was after all Mueller’s Report, not Barr’s. He simply shut the door to their wickedness. It’s over. Done. Finished. Complete. The fat lady sang.

Yet they refused to accept the truth, and persisted with the same now defunct narrative. But the real Atomic Bomb is gonna explode when the true genesis of the collusion delusion is exposed.

They never could understand Einstein anyway. Most of us can’t. 

Love RayRay and a Poem 

Manufactured Targets

They targeted Page
They targeting Flynn
They could not allow
A Donald Trump win

So they sent in some Spies
To dig up some dirt
Entrap them to spout
But it just didn’t work

So they unleashed a Probe
Led by Mueller’s cohorts
For twenty two months
They searched in all Ports

They raided some homes
Aimed high powered guns
Tipped off CNN pinheads
So the story would run

Five Hundred subpoenas
They thought would unearth
Six-hundred seventy days
Only Validated his devious worth

So He sent in a letter
After Four Hundred pages are done
But the Barn door was wide open
Barr’s conclusions were sung

The Committee went bonkers
They barked and they spat
Hurled hideous insults
While he calmly just sat

He told them he’s aiming
To expose unscrupulous plans
Determine who called the shots
Has them peeing their pants

Now they threaten imprisonment
Immaturity reigns
Clinging onto a narrative
While being driven completely insane

Written by RayRay 5/7/19©️