During the global Covid-19 pandemic, the world’s cultures witnessed many snafus and pronounced changes in the way local restaurants and fast food chains served their customers, but what about the hidden agendas we don’t see behind the food business, how political does that get?

I know, many of you will say you hate politics and want nothing to do with the subject, but real life doesn’t work that way because politics is involved in every single facet and detail of our lives, including the very restaurants we patronage, whether we realize it or not, these businesses are all deeply involved in corporate sponsorships to one political party or another.

After all, we were reminded that China controls a good portion of the American pork and beef industry, and recently grocery markets displayed big signs on their doors addressing the fact that there is a limited supply of ground beef and various meat products, most Americans are clueless that their meat supply was bought out by foreign investors seven years ago.

What about chicken, no one has any good explanation of why our chickens were shipped abroad for processing, but connecting the dots of who in government offices are doing business with foreign enterprises, it’s blatantly evident that politics does weigh heavy on the businesses we innocently support.

Let’s talk about Chick-fil-A, it’s definitely one of the favorite fast-food chains on the block with unusual long traffic lines in town for a chicken sandwich and waffle fries with its homegrown Christian workers ever so polite, service with a smile as they go beyond the norm to please their customers. But what if this service only existed at the bottom level and was headed up by an opposition agenda at the highest level?

Did you know that before the end of 2019, CFA was branded as one of the most extreme anti-Christian groups in America, so how did that happen?

It started when the Christian conservative, president and CEO of Chick-fil-A, Dan Cathy, and his corporate structure hired non-conservative, Rodney Bullard, as the VP of Community Affairs for the CFA Foundation.

Bullard is a former White House fellow and Assistant US Attorney, who worked in the Bush administration and donated to the political campaigns of Obama and Clinton. Today we recognize that the Bush, Clinton, and Obama legacies were all three of a nefarious agenda.

During his former D.C. days, Bullard served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney prosecuting complex criminal cases, he was presented by the Attorney General with the Department of Justice Director’s Award, and prior to this role, he was selected as a White House Fellow, which is the nation’s most prestigious public-service fellowship. As a White House Fellow, Rodney Bullard was placed at NASA working directly for the Administrator. He also previously served at the Pentagon as a Congressional Legislative Liaison in the Office of the Secretary of the Air Force, Bullard is an alumnus of the Air Force Academy, Duke Law, the University of Georgia and the Harvard Business School.

It’s a shame that his community engagement and philanthropic strategies don’t benefit Christian-Judeo Americans and no surprise that in 2019 he announced that CFA would no longer support the Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Bullard’s resume is the playbook for how the radical left infiltrated America on the economic, political, educational, and governmental front, forming alliances while affiliating with foreign enterprises through lobbying and political pandering.

Let’s not leave out his supporting an unchristian culture in support of open borders, abortions, transgenderism, illegal immigrants, psyops 101 on the college propaganda front, and other diversified mind-benders.

Chick-fil-A has unveiled itself to being a contributing force to the cultural diversity war, most Americans are unaware of the many donations to the Democrat Party, leftist groups, diversity groups such as LGBT, abortion groups, illegal refugees, and others. In 2019, CFA withdrew funding support away from the Salvation Army, who is Americas number one supporter for the homeless as well as the Christmas donations of the Angel Tree.

There were no Christmas gifts for the children but definitely money towards gender equality and social justice. What’s bizarre about this ideology is that Bullard’s served on the Salvation Army’s National Advisory Board, and the National Board of Trustees of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes he seperates himself from any positive forward vision or moral obligation of these two charities.

Last year in an interview with Business Insider, Bullard specifically stated that the Chick-fil-A Foundation had a “higher calling than any political or cultural war.”

That’s a bunch of BS as we recognize today who the players were during the Bush, Clinton and Obama administrations as well as their many tentacles, we also see the veil has lifted on the Christian Coalition groups and their play in the radical playgrounds of the obtuse left who are famous for restructuring verbiage to coordinate with their deceptive and deflective plots, after all, they are the architects of demise and apart of the reason why everything is perverted and backward.

Americans and the world can now gain a more clear perspective to why 8,000 CEO’s have stepped down from their corporations during the past four years of the Trump administration, or maybe many were forced to because of the dangerous Anti-American trend amounting to over 160,000 plus sealed indictments, many of who participated in supporting lude schemes against the government and the American people.

This systemic, mass infiltration is a liberal catastrophe, one can only wonder to what degree of trojan slepeer cells live amoung us in our communities and are at the center of our Christian-Judeo country.

Americans need to WAKEUP at a faster pace and connect the dots, Americans need to disempower these camouflaged franchises by boycotting their services.

One of CFA Foundation’s advisory board members is a radical UN ambassador, no wonder why they fund illegal Muslim refugees and leftist university diversity networks.

The American people need to become more savvy at realizing their innocent purchases pay into politicians and PACs that they donate too. People live and die by a belief system, political, and religious, today’s enemies are the domestic terrorists from within, aiding and abetting the foreign enemies on the intellectual front.

Christian-Judeo Americans need to beware of who gets their dollars and cents, money equals power and we don’t want to fund the opposition in this spiritual war.

According to Goods Unite Us: many people associate Chick-fil-A with their conservative religious and political views, most people don’t realize that many other restaurants are much more conservative than Chick-fil-A. For example, according to the Goods Unite Us app, Buffalo Wild Wings (97%), Wendy’s (89%), Jimmy John’s (87%), KFC (86%), and Taco Bell (86%) along with their senior employees all donate to the Republican party at higher percentages than Chick-fil-A (81%). Liberals might also be especially troubled when they eat pizza because Papa Johns (96%), Domino’s (90%), Papa Murphy’s (88%), Pizza Hut (86%) and Little Caesars (81%) and their senior employees all also donate heavily to Republicans.

But Republicans also need to watch where they eat! If you support Chick-fil-A and other conservative causes, you might think twice before you eat at many Mexican food chains, like Chipotle and Qdoba, which both along with their senior employees donate to the Democrat Party at 99% and 93%, respectively. Conservatives should also beware of where they get their coffee too, as 91% of donations from Starbucks and its senior employees benefit liberal causes.