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Schumer / Facebook Follies and the NYT

Brian Gould, Brooke Says, Ava Armstrong and Dennis Santiago provide the analysis and in-depth discussion on these top stories:

  • Jim Acosta, CNN win lawsuit, or did they?
  • Facebook vs NYT (Schumer easy on Facebook) and Government in cahoots to mislead Americans
  • And the 2018 Extended Election Extravaganza Continues…

Brooke Article: Freedom Isn’t Free – Is America Worthy of Veteran’s Sacrifices?

The Benefits of an Open Border

Let’s try this using reverse psychology, so what are some of the reasons we might want to have open borders in America: Borders don’t prevent people from migrating they simply make their journey harder and often force them into the hands of smugglers. Blaming migrants for low wages divides workers and creates a race to the bottom. More migrants would be able to return home safely, send money home. Open borders would make the world a richer place, argument of globalists. What are your reasons? Dr Stephen Steinlight, Linda Martinelli and Jim McCay take a look at open borders and the wall funding.

Linda Article: 51,000 Illegals poured over our Southern border in October Alone

The USSR: United States Socialist Republic

It is no longer talked about in backrooms and in private. Socialism aka Communism is front and center in American elections. Why is socialism acceptable to some Americans? How is it that enough citizens voted for these candidates, putting some in the winning column and others so close that recounts have been triggered. A most interesting discussion on Viewpoint with two of our famed writers, IQ al Rassooli and George McClellanIn his column IQ writes: Unless “We the People” make enormous rational changes politically, socially, educationally and religiously, they will become just another Banana Republic. 

IQ Article: USSR: United States Socialist Republic

McClellan Article: Are Republicans really the losers they appear to be? Probably!

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