The idea of a creating a “Workers Paradise” where the government provides to you according to your needs, and takes from you according to your ability, a la, Socialism, is a long failed idea resurrected by the Democrats from the dung heap of history. America, is a “Shinning City On A Hill” because of Donald Trump⏤still as viable and filled with promise as when Ronald Reagan said it and Donald Trump is restoring it.

I stand in amazement to realize what’s really happening politically in America today. America is on a roll. Unemployment numbers are as low to rock bottom as they have been for decades. Minority employment is soaring; most people are satisfied with their health care plans and don’t want medicare for all; economically stifling rules and regulations, impediments to economic growth are being rolled back, agriculture advancements are making America the world’s breadbasket and yet, the scrum of contenders vying to be the president choice of the Democrat party, insisting on revisiting the misery of a bygone era by claiming Americans would be happier if only they should become more like Venezuela, or worse, Cuba, still has traction. 

Bernie Sanders absolutely needs to be the Democrat Party candidate. His is the very face of Soviet era Marxism. That way the whole world will see that America’s Democrat party still lives in the 1920’s and 30’s era of oppressed workers, imposed production goals, party bosses, party run trade Unions (like our teachers unions) and peasant workers living in squalid conditions who will do anything to survive. Yes, just like Cuba!

Trump’s energy policies, like a warm wind sweeping across the prairie, have swept away America’s need for Arabian Oil. China, desperate to sustain its image as a major world player needs imported energy and lots of it.

Trump’s new trade agreement with a stubborn China has opened American energy export markets to their needs and re-opened the export markets of their mass produced junk we so desperately need, to fill the shelves at Walmart. The Coronavirus setback is meaningful economically, but temporary to the world’s economic scene.

On top of that, European money is flowing into Americas markets because even European Union’s collectivism is ruining their hopes for prosperity. Britain got out. Others will too!

Americans are ill informed today. Our once reliable news papers are almost an anarchism as  the NYT operates more like the Soviets old Pravda than the Newspaper that once trumpeted America’s greatness. We no longer need to rely on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN or Fox news for our information because all they report on, all we hear, is the same boring crap surrounding the Democrats unending derangement over losing the 2016 election to a fellow they don’t like. Their mantra: “that can’t possibly have happened because the fix (for Hilary) was in.”

They didn’t win, therefore, naturally, they have a right to be angry. That’s why the Media fills their airways with supposed Russian involvement in our elections. Trump’s phone call with the President of the Ukraine, Trump’s disrespecting the Congress (Oh boy, what a bunch of losers they turned out to be), Trump’s interference with the DoJ’s conduct of slamming an old man into prison for years, Trump’s unhealthy trade deal with China, Trump’s rolling back Obama’s good works, all while ignoring the Deep State crimes of Hillary Clinton and the corrupt Obama  administration. No longer are Obama’s fingerprints not to be found in the treasonous activity to bring down his successor, they’re everywhere, yet he survives. 

What happened to his failed “Arab Spring” foreign policy that killed a US Ambassador and others in Benghazi, his gun running scheme in Mexico, his overthrowing of Libya, a country still in chaos, his overthrowing the Egyptian president to install the Muslim Brotherhood, a failed scheme; His “red line” fiasco with Syria that initiated the Syrian civil war; his facilitating the mass movement of Islam all over the world, including here, the sure precursor of coming conflict and his State Department running advance for Iran’s nuclear program, and the list is endless. 

We’ve seen the face of Socialism during the eight slow years of Obama’s attempt to pull down the walls of the “Shining City on the Hill! Will we see it again with an elderly crackpot Marxist who campaigns for a Socialist America. 

Come ‘on you guys. Give us a break! Swallow your pride and help keep America Great. Re-elect the only candidate who has done something positive for America, Donald Trump. Dump socialism, protect America. It’s all we’ve got. If it goes, it’s gone forever. 

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!