McCabe Fired, White House Shuffle – Days before his formal retirement, Attorney General Jeff Sessions fires the former deputy director of the FBI Andrew McCabe. The right is ecstatic that justice has a slight glimmer once again. Although many would say this is a far cry from TRUE JUSTICE. The left has a different take on this. Rumors continue to percolate on more senior level changes forthcoming at the White House. All this while confirmation hearings are set to begin for Pompeo to replace Tillerson as Secretary of State, and the more contentious appointment of Gina Haspel as CIA Director. Col Jim Waurishuk is retired from USAF, he is a career senior intelligence and special missions officer.

Col Jim Waurishuk: Sessions Recused Himself from Russian Investigation… but not Draining the Swamp

North Korea, What to Expect – Very few could have predicted that we would be on the cusp of a summit on the world stage between the North Korean Dictator and the President of the United States. What is the motivation behind Kim Jong un and his sudden turnaround and desire to talk? More delays and tricks from the North Korean leader or might this be a new Kim? You don’t hear much excitement from the media; you know, the ‘lovers of peace’ that they are… Is this because it’s a huge feather in President Trump’s MAGA Red baseball cap or are they being cute? These meetings have the potential of changing the face of Asia. IQ al-Rassooli author of Lifting the Veil, is considered one of the foremost authorities in the world when it comes to terror. Ilana Freedman is a Strategic Counter-Terrorism 
Intelligence Analyst, who focuses on the impact of terrorism. 

Ilana Freedman: Was Kim Jong Un’s New Persona Forced by a Little Known Nuclear Threat?

Election 2018, Sessions vs CA – What is behind the special election in Pennsylvania this past week? How much influence over the 2018 Midterms will this have? What is GOP Midterm Election strategy? Is there One? Now, a stunning discovery surfaces of Paul Ryan’s Congressional Leadership SuperPAC, did the GOP Speaker of the House campaign for the Democrat, Conor Lamb? Speaking of Ryan; many conservatives are fed up with both Ryan and Mitch McConnell–is it time to replace both of these leaders with MAGA enthusiasts’? How is the battle going to secure America’s borders? California vs the United States Government, where is this going? Dr. Stephen Steinlight, Senior Policy Analyst at the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, DC. Ava Armstrong is a political commentator, radio personality and author of more than 15 books that celebrate American Patriotism. Col Jim Waurishuk is back to provide complete analysis on these pressing news topics. 

IQ al-Rassooli: ‘Lulled into believing that Islam is a truly peaceful belief system’


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