The elections in Israel to form a new government are at a stalemate. While a second election in September looms, questions remains whether Prime Minister Netanyahu will remain in his position. At the same time, enemies are aligning on several fronts. Hamas in the South, Hezbollah in the North, Syria and Iran are aligning for potential conflicts with Israel.

The questions are many: Will Netanyahu prevail? Is Iran building its nuclear arsenal? What is the significance of the Strait or Hormuz? Is the United Nations engaged? What is the US response to all of this?

Iran is flexing its nuclear muscle, following the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, while state sponsored piracy in the Strait of Hormuz threatens commerce by disrupting international shipping lanes. In this Podcast; Yanki Farber, native Israeli and political reporter discusses the Israel elections, while Ilana Freedman, political and intelligence analyst addresses what appears to be a fire keg of potentially devastating nuclear conflict in this region. Visit the Bookstore and pick up the latest book from Ilana Freedman.

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