America has been so blessed to have had that wonderful statesman Joe Biden, around for so long; nearly fifty years of accomplishing not a damn thing. His erudite conversations, gifted as they have been with his penetrating wit and brilliant foresight of America’s foreign policy, simply leaves us breathless. As a witty conversationalist he has a touch of humor that keeps us all laughing.

When we look for leadership, we’re looking for someone who is decisive, has the Constitution always in mind and wants to keep America as the “Shining City of the Hill.” Yes, that’s our Joe! On his third go in thirty years, he’s finally achieved his party’s nomination to fill the role as the Leader of the Free World; the ultimate achievement of his long distinguished career as a complete nincompoop, not neglecting his accumulation of vast wealth in the meantime.

Joe entered politics poor and comes out a multimillionaire. How about that? Good ol’ reliable Joe!

But, if we listen to that awful Donald Trump dissing all of Joe’s achievements, it doesn’t leave us with a clear picture of exactly what kind of president Joe Biden would really make. We must therefore turn to his long history of political and personal achievements to arrive at an answer.

First, we know Joe is a nice guy. There are many testimonies to his good character, like Clinton, Obama, Comey, and his son Hunter. We’re told Joe cares about people. But what people, the American voters who haven’t figured him out yet, or the Antifa’s and BLM thugs currently roaming the streets with weapons in their hands destroying all in their path. We’ll have to ask him I suppose at the first debate. In his own words, Joe told us it was his “Character on the ballot,” as compared to that awful Donald Trump. I’ll go with that!

Joe asks us to believe that he would take his personal qualities to the Oval Office where he would reverse Trump’s meddling policies, mediate disputes between Left and Right and bring China back into the world trade fold by capitulating trade policies to the Xi dynasty and the One World Government crowd. At the same time, after his nap, he will work to defuse the violence destroying Democrat Cities by using Peace Corps volunteers to appeal to their better nature. He would accomplish all of this without antagonizing our allies, the Chinese or North Koreans.

Joe hides any real strong political convictions, if he has any. He blows with the wind, first to the right then to the left. He changes his mind when its convenient and calls himself a moderate.

His beliefs shift to where the money is, if they can line his pockets. Joe is bereft of any defining principles that would even mark him as a statesman in a historical context. Joe’s role here is really to be like a ship’s masthead, like those wooden ones that once graced the prow of sailing ships of an era gone by. He is not the captain of the ship, only the cabin-boy.

Inevitably, we are left to doubt Joe’s ability to even govern. That would be left to others. Can we believe current polling that puts Joe far ahead of Trump? Is a Democrat sweep of Congress in the offing?

Will the ongoing, self-feeding Antifa violence on our streets affect Joe’s chances? If Joe wins, will we pay for the rebuilding of these many destroyed Democrat cities? Does Joe even know what a crime is anymore?

I won’t even comment on his failing mental faculties. That’s why Joe is being held captive in his basement. So, we must ask, seriously, is Joe Biden really still in contention or have the levers of Democrat chicanery plotted to remove him as a mental hazard, declare Kamala Harris ineligible and install the odious Speaker of the House, before she dies either of old age or suffocates under the weight of her constant lies?

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!