The Deadly Toxin Lurking in 50% of all Buildings in America - What Is It? 3

It’s so deadly Sadam Hussein sprayed it over the Kurds in the 80’s and it killed all of them in 3 hours. This deadly toxin could be lurking in 50% of all buildings in America. Could this be one reason why so many people are sick and getting sicker by the hour?

She suffered for 25 years, has seen over 60 doctors and has been on over 100 courses of antibiotics. She has had several surgeries and many chronic illnesses and is now finally getting well. At one point she thought she was going to die. On today’s show I talk to a lady who has been sick with mold toxicity for 25 years.

Erin’s story is an inspiring story of her struggles and how she finally regained her health.

It has been said that 25% of the population has the mold gene which means that their bodies can’t get rid of mold toxins. Could this problem be what’s ailing many Americans today especially those with chronic illnesses who can never seem to get well?

Erin Porter

Erin Porter is a photographer turned health enthusiast who when she learned how to turn around her chronic health problem starting helping others do the same by improving their diet and by sharing her story.

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Erin's fantastic website is a winner!
Erin’s fantastic website is a winner!

Changing diet is only one aspect of treating and handling this problem but it is a critical component. Sugar, corn and wheat are the main things that need to be eliminated from your diet if you suffer from mold toxicity. Mold toxicity is a precursor to many other health issues. Mold toxins are so bad they suppress the immune system and do damage to the gut, the liver, the brain, etc…

“Mold illness may be the most prominent health problem physicians are missing today — a “hidden” pandemic that’s sweeping the nation.”  Dr. Joseph Mercola

If you find yourself feeling sick at different times for no apparent reason then mold toxicity should be considered. If you do have a problem with mold then you should seek the care of a qualified healthcare practitioner that has experience in treating mold. As this should be treated and the proper detoxes done so you can regain your health back. As your host, and a person who has spent years dealing with misdiagnoses – I believe this is one of the main problems that’s misdiagnosed today. Don’t let your life be lived as a Misdiagnosed Life – if you feel you may have a mold issue then get yourself tested and treated by a qualified doctor. You can feel good again!

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