There was a time when schools in America were the best in the world. Everyone who attended classes, came away better educated. It did not matter if students attended school in a rural one room edifice, or a P.S. whatever in Harlem. Everyone was expected to learn reading, writing and arithmetic. Students were also instructed in the sciences, music theory, the great English classics like Shakespeare and about our great American heritage. The Constitution, Bill of Rights and even numerous Federalist papers were on the education agenda along with such mind stimulating courses as Latin.

Some years ago, in one of my writings and on a page from The Edwards Notebook radio commentary, I asked the question – do you know who or what is America’s greatest enemy? The answer for most people was the government school system.

Schools use to reflect the good moral character of the majority of parents throughout the United States. Education in the United States was at one time living up to the purpose of preparing all students for a path to success. At one time, instructors understood that not everyone was cut out for, or wanted to go to college or university. There were more than enough shop classes and trade schools around. It was understood that electricians, welders, pipe fitters, plumbers and machinists were a huge necessity. Such classes also enabled young men to have a basic knowledge of how to successfully complete household repairs. Many male students in high school wanted to learn about automobiles, thus auto mechanics classes were available to prepare them for a career in auto repair. Also, such classes enabled students to be wise when they needed the services of an auto repairman or woman. 

Let’s not forget the maligned home economics classes for girls. They taught cooking, sewing, etc. Of course, that class was shut down after feminazis went to Nutsville, because they were offended that girls were leaning how to take care of a home. They forgot that girls and boys for that matter all grow up and own or rent either a house or an apartment and it does not hurt to learn how to best maintain them. The real mission of the irritating feminists was and remains to undermine the blessed tradition of men and women getting married and having a family together, which is a bedrock of any successful society.

Unfortunately, two major developments were encouraged to occur. 

1:  The planned Cloward/Piven strategy to fundamentally transform America into a downtrodden mob rule democracy of government dependents. 

2:  The plot to drift America away from the Biblical based principles that were the foundation of our Liberty based Republic with a government of by and for “We the People”.  

Beginning in the 1920s, government school systems began in earnest, to gradually displace the good fundamentals that made the American school system the envy of the world. One can research all the way to the 1800s to find the root of evil that has destroyed much of what was great about going to school in the United States. 

One of the most infamous founders of education deconstruction in America was the notorious John Dewey. He hated the concept of individual rights and people free from the boot-heel of dictatorial government. He also disdained the thought of black Americans making a good go of it up the ladder of success. Dewey, like all leftists unto this day was proud to promote the racism of low expectations for black students. He thought they only deserved the most lowly positions in every facet of life. Individuals like Karl Marx, John Dewey, Lyndon Johnson and Margaret Sanger did not like our life liberty and the pursuit of happiness concept. So, they along with many others, took it upon themselves to set in motion the peeling away of the great teachings, principles and cohesive customs that insured America remain that shining city on a hill republic. The leftists who rarely created anything, were very cunning in their ability to infiltrate and take over deciding what the government school curriculum would be.  

First the teaching of moral absolutes was abolished. Soon followed by the gradual diminishing in the quality and rigor of the various subjects. After that the leftists oversaw the literal obliteration of the overwhelmingly great history of our republic that has morphed into revisionist history lessons/lies. 

The leftists understood, if students were no longer taught what is right, they could be convinced to engage in evil practices and help destroy our nation from within.

The goal of leftists was to eliminate good moral character and stupefy multiple generations to the point they would view evil as good and good as evil.

Then they could be controlled and convinced that protecting our borders is evil and private property should be eliminated or at least controlled by the government. Historically, democrats sought to deny black Americans the right to bear arms. Today, brainwashed generations say they support human rights, but don’t want you or I to protect ourselves from government tyranny, thugs or criminal illegal border crossers who rape children and old ladies. That and much more dear reader are the horrendous results of multi-generations of brainwashing and the wholesale elimination of the proper interpretation of the battle between good and evil. All paid for by many trillions of American tax dollars to boot.

Of course, the right thing to happen is for parents to finally take their children out of those dens of indoctrination, that includes not sending them to poisonous colleges and universities. No nation can long thrive on a steady mentally poisonous diet of low intellectual development, revisionist history and the voiding out of moral absolutes via so-called education.

Wake up my fellow Americans and let us all work together to reverse this madness. We will succeed if we endeavor to seek Providential guidance and vigorously fight to restore our America. Our children and our children’s children will thank us for it. 

God bless you, God Bless America and may America Bless God.