American culture pays excessive homage to youth, vim and vigor – for many reasons. For example, attractive young people make good salesmen in movies and in the myriad of commercials on TV. The progressive Left like to exploit young people for political reasons. And the young are easy to use due to a general lack of experience and gullibility, especially when the foundation has been laid by leftist-oriented public education in a secular society seemingly without boundaries or morals.

Since the Left want to tear down America and remake it into their idiotic view of a “socialist paradise,” exploiting youth to foment change – whether on campuses across the nation, in the streets (Antifa), or now in Congress (!) – is a very useful political tactic for them. The Left conspire to produce generations of unaware, uneducated, and unmotivated people, and they have been successful in doing so beyond their wildest dreams because they expected real resistance to their subversion from conservatives. We have failed to resist their efforts and have incrementally succumbed to their politically correct nonsense. The Left use youth to drive their political agenda because those young people have no real-life experience and perspective upon which to draw.

Each successive new wave of leftwing policies is advanced by a new fresh-faced set of young people who assure the rest of us that they have the answers to all of our problems. Every Democrat policy position builds on the extremism of past policies and is frequently sold to the rest of us by young spokesmen. And these positions (when you can actually extract them from an elected Democrat or one of their presidential hopefuls) would have been unthinkable – and downright laughable in some cases – a generation ago:

  • Partial birth abortion – and now “post-birth” abortion – have become mainline Democrat political doxology about which no disagreement can be tolerated. We as a society have been convinced by the Left that sex can be safe, that men and women can have sexual freedom to the same degree and in the same way, that sex need not have anything to do with children, and that sex is purely private. And yet the #MeToo movement and rampant pedophilia (e.g., Jeffrey Epstein et al) would seem to indicate that things didn’t work out the way the Left envisioned, and that basic human nature and indeed differing biological imperatives can’t be ignored.
  • Was it “enlightenment” or something else that foisted homosexual marriage on an unsuspecting public? And now we are supposed to not just tolerate extremist LGBTQ behavior, but also condone it? With the Left having won that war (for the time being since the social costs of the immoral transformation of American society have yet to be accounted for), the new frontier is transgenderism. And who is pushing that battle? Why, elements of today’s youth, of course.
  • “Nationalized medical care” is now a Democrat cause célèbre, again foisted upon the American people by subterfuge (e.g., the lawfare that took out a Republican senator from Alaska and blatant lies told by a sitting US president). And look who makes a great emotional tug-on-the-old-heart-strings on behalf of leftists pushing “universal healthcare” (sic): why those poor young illegal aliens in California, of course! It’s “for the children,” don’t ya know? While we oldsters have heard that “for the children” crap from leftists many times in the past, to younger people the phrase sounds new and relevant. The leftward movement has been insidious and purposeful since Medicare and Medicaid were first implemented. Bernie’s campaign slogan is “Medicare for All,” and most of the other Democrat Star Wars bar scene members are on board with that, too. All “for the children,” too.
  • Leftist support for illegal immigration has gone off the deep end, too. First came sanctuary city virtue-signaling, then the “family separation” baloney, and now the abolition of ICE. All wrapped around pictures of kids and “families with children who have been separated by the dastardly Drumpf.” Crocodile tears everywhere!
  • Debt-free college. The Left’s argument used to be debt forgiveness for those who incurred significant college debt, but now it’s “free college for all” thanks to the progressives in the Democrat Party who are of course crassly playing to the youth vote. Never mind that the policy throws personal responsibility and accountability out the window (nobody put a gun to the heads of those who took out the loans). Those people who were responsible in obtaining their own education are now supposed to cover the butts of those who weren’t? Uh, no.

These are just some examples; there are more items that could be added to the list, but you get the idea: the inexorable leftward push on progressive policies invariably involves young people in some way, either as props, dupes, initiators, or propagators.

All of the current leftist activist organizations are populated by young people because they are energetic, highly motivated to “change the world,” and cost less than your garden variety gray-haired seasoned radical. Oh, and they’re naïve, too, and easily persuaded. Here is my list:

  • OFA. Obama’s PAC “Organizing for Action” (formerly Obama for America and, later, Organizing for America) specifically targets young people for membership. They’re working hard to undermine the Trump presidency at every turn. What OFA has been up to.
  • The Young Turks. This is a left-wing American news and commentary program on YouTube that has gained a lot of notoriety by attacking POTUS and other Republicans over the last few years. It started on Sirius radio in 2002, and some of their commentary has since been legitimized by the legacy media. Here’s just the latest example in which the founder, Cenk Uygur, presumes to lecture Democrat voters on how to pick a “proper” presidential candidate.
  • Netroots. This progressive group started by the leftwing blog DailyKos consists of a few thousand progressive activists, bloggers, organizers, and strategists who aim to influence Democrat Party politics by advocating progressive policies. Plenty of young people are involved. They meet annually and endorse political candidates. Here’s who they appear to be supporting in the Democrat primary.
  • Justice Democrats. This is the progressive political PAC founded in 2017 that backed AOC, Tlaib, Pressley, and Omar & other lefties during the 2018 congressional elections. Its co-founder Kyle Kulinski is 31 years old, and the current executive director Alexandra Rojas is 24! Here’s an article from Politico about their intentions to push the Democrat Party further leftward.
  • Antifa. These clowns keep making news, especially in the Pacific Northwest. Note that virtually all the pictures of the violent black-masked street radicals are young people. Makes one wonder who their parents are and what their parents’ politics are! Here is a recent article that examines Democrat support for Antifa. Note that virtually no elected Democrats condemn them because Antifa is furthering Democrat political objectives; quite the contrary!
  • The Squad. These gals are all the rage these days (a double entendre if there ever was one, as they are filled with it, too!). AOC (29), Omar (37), Tlaib (42), and Pressley (45) are roiling the Democrat Party with their progressive and racist rabble-rousing. Their policy pronouncements and the feuds they pick with President Trump and their own Democrat House Speaker are forcing the Democrats to close ranks around them – great news for Republicans and conservatives since the Squad is so far out of the mainstream as to be ridiculous going into the 2020 elections! Here’s a puff piece on them from CNN (note their leftwing policy positions).
  • The Tech Companies. Facebook, Google, Twitter, and many other tech companies were founded and/or run by youngish people, and they’re willfully propagandizing for progressives while suppressing conservatives.

Several prominent tech companies and their leaders often espouse liberal progressive policies in acts of apparent self-righteousness while simultaneously eschewing the same stances when it comes to their respective conduct in China. Derogatorily referred to as “social justice CEOs,” the activist leaders of four tech giants — Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google — regularly capitulate to Beijing’s morally-questionable demands to achieve or ensure unrestricted access to the valuable Chinese market.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Read the rest here.

The drive and energy in the progressive crowd – which is increasingly taking over the Democrat Party – is largely concentrated among the younger activists as this article has sampled. What do they really know, and why should we blindly accept their arguments? These people lack sufficient understanding of basic economics, fiscal (tax) policy effects on the economy, trade, foreign policy, and even basic human nature. And most of all, they lack any real historical perspective on any of the topics about which they pontificate. The notion that all it takes is a “fresh face” to somehow show us all the new way to nirvana (as the legacy media and other cultural institutions have pushed for years) is patently absurd.

These people would disregard the Constitution, suppress their political opponents, and willfully turn the country upside-down in pursuit of their political goals and objectives. How can anyone support people who say such as what is expressed in this YouTube video

That people like the Squad (and other youngish leftwingers) are praised and lauded by the legacy media when they, for example, call the President a racist is nothing short of disgraceful and insulting. There is NO substitute for the common sense that comes with age and experience, and these people certainly don’t have it!

Even the youngish presidents elected over the past 30 years were disasters due to lack of experience and perspective, i.e., Clinton and Obama. The two most effective presidents in my lifetime were old guys: Reagan and the current occupant of the Oval Office!

When I was 30, I thought I had all the answers. What a dumbass I was! In retrospect at 66, I realize I knew literally NOTHING back in those days. I simply didn’t have enough life experience at 30 to justify what I thought about political solutions (to the extent I even considered any). I have learned a LOT between those ages, and that experience and the associated perspective is doubtless similar to your own if you are also a “senior citizen.”

Would you trust your own business to the Millennial or Generation Z kid of your next-door neighbor? That’s what the Left would have us do with the Squad regarding running the country, for all intent and purposes. It defies common sense!

Give me age and experience any day of the week as opposed to youth and energy and naiveté! It will be interesting to see how the septuagenarian Pelosi handles her upstart children (the Squad) going forward! It looks like she is trying to thread a political needle without much success. May the cat-fights continue ad infinitum! Meanwhile, I will watch the old codger in the Oval Office run circles around them all.  Image: AP Photo 

The end.