If You're Stuck On A Treadmill... Architect Karen Otis Has An Idea 2

Architect turned author and life builder, Karen Otis, discovered that when nothing else in her life was working, the architecture side of things still flowed smoothly. This gave her the idea to take what worked so well about being an architect and apply it to life’s challenges. That realization changed everything, and Karen has written a new book sharing her Architectural Method for the benefit of all: “Be the Architect of Your Life: Design Build, and Start Living a Life Inspired.”

From those going through a midlife crisis to those stuck on the treadmill of work or raising a family, to anyone who feels they just have to settle for the mediocrity of a mundane existence, Karen Otis set out to help them rebuild their lives around daily fulfillment, joy, meaning and resounding purpose.

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Be the Architect of Your Life:
Design, Build, & Start Living a Life Inspired