So much Trump news…so much information, what should we believe?

Between 1967 and 2000, I lived in New Jersey and worked in both New York City and New Jersey. I was a business owner and teacher. I was a liberal democrat, because that was the only way to get business and networking connections. No one knows better how awful the liberal policies are than someone who was part of that system. We were lied to, yet we were believers⏤because that was how business was done. New York City is the biggest indoctrination clinic on the East Coast. The United Nations is always sending propaganda to the schools and organizations. Those liberals have many names: Progressives, Socialists, Democrats, Globalists, even Communists. It doesn’t matter what you call them, they are all Communists. They all believe that the government, should take care of every aspect of our life. 

Today, I am a Conservative activist, basically because I know what Progressives do, how they do it, and I know what Communism is. When I first started out and called everything Communism, I was laughed at continually and told I was not PC. I was crazy, Reagan got rid of Communism. No he didn’t. He just pushed it underground. 

Donald Trump was in New York City at the same time that I was. The papers were always full of his life. You kind of got the feeling you knew him. He is a businessman. His goal is to WIN. I believe he realizes that if America fails, he will fail along with it. He HATES to fail. Would we not be better off hitching our wagon to a winner, rather than a loser?

Does it matter if his personality is rough around the edges? He is on a mission to make America Great. His personality won’t let him stop. Do we agree on all of the issues? Will you ever find a perfect candidate? I think not. I would rather be riding on the coattails of a winner.

He believes that if U.S. Borders were closed, and entitlements to illegals were stopped⏤most would LEAVE. If illegal criminals were deported, trade agreements were restructured, common core was gone, and business killing regulations were eliminated in the economy⏤America would become GREAT again. He did it once, he will do it again. The economic numbers are showing huge growth once again. 

Once America thrives, the American military is strong again, the China virus is another form of flu, the other issues will be easier to solve.

Trump opened the line of communication and he woke the silent majority up.

He did something no one else has done in years. He energized the people.
He listened, analyzed, stuck his neck out, said his piece…and didn’t back down.
One thing we know, he does not lead from behind.
He is a very successful businessman.
To get to his point in life, you sometimes make uncomfortable, hard decisions. But at least he made them.

We learned that “The Donald”… President Trump does not fit the standard mold.

Trump brought conversation back to the water cooler. Trump rekindled the idea of the American Spirit while making candid speaking IN, and PC out. It is OK to talk about politics and religion. I don’t love everything he says or does, but I believe he WILL Make America Great Again, Again. Trump’s ego won’t let him do anything else.

Wherever Trump goes, the crowd surpasses expectations and becomes one of the most energized crowds in political history. It is wonderful to see Americans shouting USA, USA again. It is wonderful to realize there are more of us than them. Americans have the answers. We just need a LEADER. Donald Trump’s passion and ability to lead provides the momentum TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Donald Trump thinks outside the box. He is creative and gets a thrill out of problem solving. Wow, is that refreshing.

Are his decisions correct? Not all of the time, mostly due to bad advice. However, he has zeroed in on America’s most serious problems. He has set out to solve them. Will we like all of the solutions? I doubt it. However America has a wall. Treatments for CCP Virus are on the way. The American economy is beginning to thrive big time. Illegals are not getting American’s jobs and entitlements. Trade deals were renegotiated putting America first. I could go on an on. His accomplishments are fantastic. I believe that the American people will overwhelmingly re-elect President Trump. By the way, did you vote? 

We do know that doing the same thing over again and expecting different results is insane. Are you insane? I hope not. 

Are you willing to “Break the Mold”, and do something different to achieve results? If we are to truly drain the swamp we must get involved in the process. Remember; If you don’t get involved in politics, you will be governed by your inferior. 

If not now, When? If not you, Who?

Thank you President Trump for leading the way forward.

Image: Reuters