Your Pet Could DIE If You Do This!

Who would have thought that something as simple as vaccinating your pet could  be harmful and could actually kill your pet. Well, this is the case, according to Dr. John Robb, DVM who’s on a mission to save animals by stopping the over vaccination of pets in this country. There’s a problem in this country according to Dr. John Robb, DVM of over vaccinating animals mainly with the rabies vaccine and this is causing countless injuries and death in many of our pets.

Dr. John Robb, DVM has been a veterinarian for over 34 years and has seen how many of these animals are suffering from over vaccination. He’s done the research and has science to back him up and he’s on a mission to stop this travesty and bring common sense back to veterinary medicine.

Dr. Robb says that veterinary medicine is in the process of being taken over by companies namely the Mars Candy Co. as a means of increasing profits since candy sales are down and people are getting more health conscious. One way to do this is to get into an area that’s recession proof and that is pet care and supplies.

The Mars Co. has bought up a significant number of vet hospitals and is increasing their market share of products in the veterinary field by owning Pedigree, Royal Canin, Whiskas, and Banfield pet hospitals just to name a few. They see this as the perfect business model as people will do without things THEY need in order to take care of their pets, so it’s recession proof plus, because animals are looked at as property, there is no liability –  and all that equals PROFIT!

This is an eye opening and very enlightening interview and a must listen if you are a pet owner or like animals.

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