What ever happened to the Secret and the Law of Attraction? Was it all a smokescreen to hide the real meaning of life? Why were so many people disillusioned and confused behind the movie, the books, the talks and stars of the movie? Are we any closer to the Truth today than we were a decade ago?

The movie the Secret was based on the Law of Attraction where several people were interviewed to speak to how thinking can change your world. What was missing in this message? Do we have an answer today? Find out on today’s ENERGY BAR in this interview with Raana Zia as we answer the questions very few people have dared to ask such as 

Listen as this show goes deep into the power of the sub-conscious mind as we discover and harvest our HIDDEN LIGHT.

Raana Zia has spent her career holding executive level leadership roles in large Fortune 500 retail companies including the position of Chief Financial Officer. She has spent over 15 years developing leaders and coaching people and teams to maximize their abilities and achieve their goals in the corporate world. Her passion for personal and leadership development and an intense desire to discover her own purpose and potential led her down an unexpected path of self-realization and spirituality.  

Raana’s journey into self-discovery opened her up to a greater understanding of her direct connection and influence over her reality. Her realizations and personal experiences compelled her to write Your Hidden Light in order to share with others what she believes is the most direct and efficient path to achieving your desires and living a life of happiness, continued growth, and fulfillment. When the book was launched in November 2017, it was selected to be part of a course at the business school at Suffolk University in Boston called Happiness: How to Get It. 

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Book: Your Hidden Light:
A Personal Guide to Creating Your Desired Life

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