People. I’m fed up with people. Ineptitudes. Excuses. Whiny, complaining two-legged bags of BS dragging their sorry selves around like the world’s about to end.

You know what the odds of being born human are?
Four hundred TRILLION to one!

That’s pretty much a miracle. You’ve been born in an age where, arguably, the world is at your fingertips. It’s the internet age, which means anyone with a smartphone can start their own business on a shoestring, you can access information in seconds, get your favourite food delivered to your door at the click of a button and have conversations with people at the other side of the world.

It also means we can learn pretty much anything, get advice when we want it and access all kinds of tools and teachings to change our lives and fortunes.

And still, we moan. In terms of evolution, you won the lottery. You’re alive. Being born into this age means you’re automatically stepping onto a platform full of opportunities. 

Or… you can choose to focus on all the negativities in the world, choose not to use any of the tools you have to turn your life into one you might actually enjoy living, choose to scorn whatever force you believe put you on this earth at this time for giving you such a cruel existence. Your choice. Whole lotta choosin’ goin’ on!

I doubt anyone reading this would genuinely be able to claim they had no idea of the opportunities available in today’s world, so what’s stopping you?

Is it fear? Fear of what? Fear of success? Fear of failure? Fear of being a huge success and then losing it again? Are you afraid of being judged by others? If it’s this last point, you need to wake up, because people are judging you already, every day – not necessarily harshly, either… they’re just naturally discerning whether they resonate with you, whether you’re their kind of person, whether they trust you, believe you or want to spend time with you. You’re doing exactly the same thing to other people.

If you need help, support, more personal development, there are all kinds of tools readily available. And if you don’t have enough spare cash to invest properly in yourself, swot up on YouTube, Google or one of those low-cost online training or coaching programmes: Udemy, Maximise Success… there are lots of them. You might even have a local library or, if there’s a particular book you think might benefit you, ask on Facebook if anyone has a spare copy they can loan you, or hit eBay and find a second-hand copy. Whatever you think about the internet and social media, it has some really positive, productive, power-full uses if you hit it right.

Here’s the thing with tools though… they’re only any good if you use them. Even the humble screwdriver becomes useless if you never pick it up!

When I’m coaching people, I provide them with all kinds of tools to get them out of the ‘stuckness’ they’ve found themselves in, but all the processes and lessons in the world won’t help you if you’ve become too attached to being stuck. 

I’m not boasting when I say I’m really good at what I do – it’s a mix of instinct, experience and decades of training and development, all because I wanted to make change and chose to find a way to make that happen – but I can’t help the people who won’t help themselves. I can’t make life work for you if you refuse to pick up the tools. 

To put it in simple terms, I can’t build YOUR abs by doing sit ups myself!

And that’s the essence of why my tolerance is running low today. I see so much potential in the world. I see so many amazing people who refuse to acknowledge their own brilliance or choose not to pick up those tools. I see too many people feeling stressed out and making themselves sick when they could help themselves so easily. I see too many people making excuses instead of making strides.

If you want change in your life, get out there and make it happen – just make sure you know what the ‘it’ is… you do need to have a destination in mind to be able to set your sat nav. If you have no idea where to start, there are plenty of people who’ll help you along the way if you’re brave enough to ask and if you’re GENUINELY ready to put in the effort required to create the life you want to live.

But if you don’t want that… if you really can’t be bothered to change your lot or, at least, put some real time and dedication into exploring your options… please stop complaining. You’re choosing to stay right where you are, so either find a way to be happy there or STFU!

Until next time,