How many of us have experienced times when we have just had enough criticism? You know the type of criticism that has no merit? You have worked hard and still your employer finds something wrong with your assignment. You have stayed up all night studying for the exam and it is returned with a dozen red marks across the pages. 

Your spouse complains about your cooking, your hair your clothes and the kids, and you have just had it! You go to church and the pastor is screaming across the pulpit words seeming to be closer to obscenities than the Word of God. 

There is a need to try to fit in, but you cannot. You want to blend in with the crowd however you still feel like you stand out in a negative way. What is going on in your life causing this surge of energy to not be involved? You want to be true to yourself, yet you find it difficult because others are expecting something else. You are expected to be like them. 

You will not and cannot be like anyone else. Your fingerprint is as different as your personality. No matter who you are or where you have been, you are better than the storms, the trials and the fires.

Do not let others tell you what you cannot do. You can accomplish greater things than you have ever imagined if you just believe. The following poem came as one thought and then it went on to tell a story for millions of people around the world. 


You will not define me by the way I speak

You will not define me by the way I dress 

You will not define me by curly hair, straight hair or my nose.

You will not define me by the color of my skin nor my gender.

You will not define me by my hijab or my braids

My beard or my posture.

Whether Brown, Blond, Black, Red or Auburn it is my hair to call my own. 

The look and color of my eyes are but the window to the one called me.

I refuse to be defined by my intellect or the lack thereof

The short bus, the long bus they are only transportation and not my destination.

No child left behind is John 3:16

You will not define me by the quality of my voice or my song.

My diction, phonics or slang belongs to me. Who are you to say it is not professional?

You will not define me by my abilities to meet what you call a secure standard of living.

I will not be defined by my credit report or political party

I am not defined by the systems of this world. 

Your church pews and your religion are good for you however they do not define me nor have a right to.

Who are you to tell me if I am getting to old for anything or too young to know?

It is my mind, my body. It is my life to live as I see fit. 

Who I marry regardless of race, it is my choice and loves’ heart to embrace.

Each time you try to define who I am you will see I will not measure up. For your measuring up, is God’s measuring down.

I cannot measure up.

You will not define me by your agendas, your redlining and prejudices.

My bank account is no ones’ business, and neither can it define me. 

My house is not my home neither does it define who I am. 

My body type or weight is what you see; yet neither does it say who I really am. 

Your finger pointing at who I may or may not be is only the reflection of your own insecurities.

While you are spending far too much time in defaming my name, it is to your shame and God’s name. 

It is HE who has defined me as His Child, God’s Heir and Righteous one am I. 

You think you have a right to hold my past against me? That is your way of denying Grace and redemption for yourself don’t you see? My past does not define me!

I am far greater than your limiting definition of me. I will not be defined by you. I cannot be defined by you. The one you see is only the shell for the one you do not. You must first meet that one to know who I truly AM. 

Find HIM, you will de-fine me. 

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