It was through the radical explosion of the Muslim migration that brought in more middle eastern migrants than Mexico and Central America combined, these people represent the fastest growing demographic in the United States, let’s not forget, they are voting democratic and spreading “Sharia Law” all on US tax dollars.

Reading, writing and arithmetic, have been transformed not only by computers and modern technology, yet by an indoctrination of a foreign belief system, propagated through domestic politics and foreign immigration that changed the geography and culture of American cities and schools, mostly under the Obama administration.

In Dearborn, Michigan, the current Muslim population is at about 50%, and it is the Muslim capital of the United States.

How did America inherit such a rapid growth of one sect of people over others and how did the laws change so dramatically with the schools and communities in Dearborn, Michigan?

It started with the Muslim men coming to America with as many as four wives and many children, along with extended family members, all living under one roof.

They were informed by their Mosques to apply for public assistance, so they received food stamps and free health insurance, yet they live in two hundred and fifty thousand dollar homes, driving expensive vehicles costing seventy thousand dollars and wearing designer clothing and purses, yet these people receive all the benefits off American tax dollars without contributing a dime.

During this time frame an estimated 7 million Syrians applied to come to the U.S. as refugees⏤what strain and burden the Obama administration added to our Welfare system.

Whether you realize it or not, In 2001, a school in Dearborn, Michigan, began offering “Halal” food by inviting the proposals from the Halal food distributors to provide food in 28 of its public schools. Today, all the Dearborn public schools have “Halal” options five days a week, with the Dearborn public schools providing meals to about 20,700 students.

In 2018, the Dearborn school system began offering free lunch and breakfast to all Kindergarten through 12th grade students in the Dearborn school district.

Last year the cities school system served 2,050,258 lunches, up from 1.8 million in the previous year, and Breakfast increased to 684,049 from 646,901 the previous year.

These meals were offered through the U.S.D.A. school lunch program, which is a special community qualification program after CAIR advocates stated that schools in the USA starved their children throughout the day and failed to provide their children with food that satisfies their religious needs.

But wait a minute, what about the religious needs of the Christian-Judeo children and others, why is there no Kosher or plant based foods added among the Dearborn school menus and didn’t the former first lady, Michelle Obama construct this lunch program under her legacy?

The Obama administration started the “Halal” food programs for Muslim students, first initiating in the Dearborn Michigan public schools, and spreading to others across America.

Now school cafeterias in the US will be presenting the “Halal” food for the Muslim students and this will be the first state recognized preferential treatment that Muslims will be getting by the federal authorities. The key note, “Federal Government will be supporting “Halal” food in public schools.”

If you should travel through Dearborn, Michigan into the Muslim communities or enter one of their school buildings, you will notice an ominous void, there is no presence of the American Flag because there are none within the Muslim schools and communities.

This conveys a strong message that these people are NOT here to assimilate into the American, Christian-Judeo belief system. They are here to indoctrinate others into their culture and religious ideologies.

As Americans we follow the U.S. Constitution, the American flag is the symbol of our freedoms and also representative of the men and women who gave their lives for our future legacy.

Knowing this reality, Why is the Federal government bowing down to their every whim when we don’t do it for other cultures? Why should we, the United States Tax Payers, fund the governments aiding and abetting the progression of the Muslim agenda in any way, shape or form?

It truly appears as though our U.S. governments three letter organizations are more deeply entrenched than most of us realized, by former executive administrations who intended to give our country away to foreign entities.

This is a left over fringe from the Obama administration, how does this still happen today? Clearly, Obama only focused on the needs of the Muslim students.

President Trump needs to look into this matter closely and appoint someone to trim the fat off the “Halal” and audit the deep state federal government on this issue. It sure gives the impression that if any school goes on providing the food on the basis of the religious standards of some students, then it would be illegal promoting unequal rights among the students. It would also seem like the school is just promoting one religion.

According to “Creeping Sharia” which documents news on the threat of Islamic sharia law and jihad to freedoms in the U.S., and beyond.

As announced on the Dearborn schools website:

School Menu

“Dearborn Public Schools is overhauling its school menu this year! Students are in for a more diverse menu, more options every day, more fresh produce, and more made-from-scratch meals.

Parents will see menus that are easier to find and understand – right down to being able to look up possible allergens and even carb counts online for every dish.

changes come after the district hired Southwest Foodservice Excellence (SFE) to help oversee the food service program.

The company has provided nutritionists and chefs to help transition the district to a program with a much more expansive and fresh from scratch menu, including training the District staff on how to cook these meals.

In addition, SFE will help improve food service operational, procurement and financial tracking systems and reinforce nutritional and safety protocols. SFE works in 150 school districts around the country offering several employee management models.

In Dearborn, District employees will continue to run and staff our kitchens, working in close partnership with SFE.

Students will see dramatic differences in this year’s menu, staring with more made from scratch meals, promised Joshua Bain, SFE senior general manager of food service.

All the meat served in Dearborn will now be halal. Before some schools offered all halal, while other had a mix, which contributed to confusion about which menu was being served at which school.

SFE’s fees, and all other food service costs, are paid for from meal sales and federal reimbursements. General fund dollars are not used for food service.

Considering a large number of Dearborn students receive “free” meals and whatever is not covered by meal sales is funded through “federal reimbursements,” the author can spin the source of funds any way he wants. However, the source of the funding is the federal government and the federal government derives its funding from U.S. taxpayers.”

You, the U.S. taxpayer, are funding sharia law in the U.S.

Check the school’s online menu – we didn’t find any typical breakfast or lunch pork products like ham, bologna, salami or bacon – forbidden in Islam. See if you find any. (Source:

Here’s a question for all the Christian, Jewish and other religious sects attending American schools, Is your child’s school lunch program serving Sharia to non-Muslims?

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