Like every country on earth, America has a past. Our past has not always been pretty. In fact, it has been messy and even downright ugly at times. However, the benefit of having an unfiltered past, is the lessons we can and should learn from it to benefit the future. We should not only learn from our own American past, but from the pasts of countries, empires and social systems throughout all of history.

I often think of Rome and it’s glorious past where the works of art created back then remain unmatched in beauty and elegance even still today. I think of the Roman rulers that came to power who eventually destroyed Roman society and the advent of the Dark Ages that led to the diminishing of human values and the destruction of arts and engineering that in some aspects humanity has yet to recover from. Roman and European history is as glorious as it is sordid with many lessons for future humanity to consider.

Following our own Revolutionary War, began the rise of America as a great experiment. Our Founding Fathers created a Republic and a capitalist society where people gained freedoms and opportunities that existed then and still exist today as nowhere else in the world. America has become that place where we dream big and realize the rewards from our dreams.

Our American society is a unique one where all are afforded the ability to move forward in life and carry others forward as well.

We were on the road to earnestly heeding the lessons of how racism destroys all of us and that we are all Americans first. We are still a young country, both fierce and fragile. Our road was the right road, until a President came and told us that we are racists and unfair; we are anti-Semitic, xenophobic and every other phobic there is. This former President told us that being American was embarrassing and unfair to the global community.

Obama pushed forward the idea that we should kowtow to the least of us and be ashamed of our ingenuity, our generosity, our privilege and the best of us. That President took our country backwards over two generations and until recently we have allowed it. The former President’s Vice President now tells Europe we as Americans are “an embarrassment”. What the hell is going on with these people?

It has become vogue to blame white people for everything. White people have become the enemy. The lessons of racism were not learned. We have developed a culture where there is retribution against long dead whites perceived as being racist and where there is a resonance in some to destroy any vestige or memory of any American or American symbol of perceived “racism.” We are learning to “photoshop” the ugly and not so palatable times of our history. By doing that, we force our new generations to learn nothing from our past and thereby unknowingly repeat those mistakes that will further diminish our country and its people.

When a small time actor blames whites and Trump supporters for a contrived attack he states that he allegedly suffered; black leaders such as Corey Booker, Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris are quick to blame the President, whites and Trump supporters. Nancy Pelosi, the media, Hollywood have all jumped on the bandwagon, wagging fingers at conservatives and whites; only to find out that the incident was more likely than not a self-serving, hateful hoax. Is this not racism? It is not whites that display racism; but those that label whites as racists who are indeed the racists.

The socialist left led by AOC, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rourke, Corey Booker, Elizabeth  Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand demonize those who have  built wealth in America. Jeff Bezos recently pulled out of considering New York for his Amazon headquarters due to the nasty political climate there. All of the aforementioned politicians and many more have financially benefitted greatly from their political offices and freely use the plethora of perks and monies and travel afforded to them. Unlike us, the ruling liberal elite receive premium healthcare afforded to no normal working Americans. They also enjoy chauffeurs, expense accounts, free daycare and freely avail themselves of dirty money from the likes of George Soros and CAIR and many other lobbyists and political action committees.

At the same time, the ruling elite tax the rich into oblivion. They forward the socialist “redistribution of wealth” where they seek to take all of our hard-earned money to make incomes equal for all, regardless of the work, education, productivity and societal contributions of those high earners.

History clearly shows that socialism does not work. It builds wealth only for the ruling elite while everyone else suffers. Look only to the lessons of Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Russia and it is patently clear.

Yet the left will take us down that primrose lane to our own destruction if we ignore the lessons that history teaches. Our problem in this country is that we no longer teach international history or civics to our children and young adults, so they are completely ignorant of history’s lessons. They only believe what the AOCs, Corey Bookers, Bernie Sanders and the complicit mainstream media tell them to believe.

Those who jump on the Trojan horse of the Green New Manifesto; who refuse to seal our borders, enforce our visas; allow Sharia law in areas of America and remove history and civics from our schools, place blinders over the eyes of uninformed Americans. They are the same people who seek to disarm us, who demand no voter identifications and seek open borders and amnesty for all.

They are like the Sirens of Greek mythology who lull the people with enchanting music and songs, straight to shipwreck on the rocky coast and to their demise. Little by little they are tearing down the very fabric of America. If we do not demand an end to these policies; if we do not vote these dangerous internal enemies to America out; we will have effectively lost “America”.

History shows us that despite the foibles in our short existence, AMERICA is the best societal model in history. Those who demonize whites are no better than the racists they claim to despise. Those who take God out of our schools, our government and our public places seek to allow the lawlessness of chaos to become our rule. Those who demonize Americans who create and fuel our economy and jobs and the worth and value and self-esteem of Americans and their accomplishments; seek to control people, not celebrate them. Those who are embarrassed by America are a danger to our very existence.

I am white and along with my brothers and sisters of all colors and races; do not deserve to be vilified for it. I make a living and contribute to the lives and wellbeing of many Americans and I am proud of it, and do not apologize for enjoying any fruits of my labor that I may be able to enjoy. I recognize the sacrifice and the hours it takes to get from here to there and the rewards society reaps from those that are the risk takers.

I am an American and unabashedly proud to be one. I need not apologize to anyone for who I am and this great Republic that I support. This is the greatest country on earth and if it takes a “civil” war or a civil war to keep it and to not allow these self-aggrandizing, dishonest, power-hungry, pocket-lining politicians destroy my and your America – then so be it. Me and my millions of friends are your huckleberries.