How to Find Your Center During Chaos

It is June 2020 on planet earth. I do not need to remind people of the chaos. The chaos is everywhere. The streets, hospitals, social media, government systems, and especially…the chaos in our heads.

My wheelhouse is resourcing humans to find their own clarity, peace, and centre using proven natural methods that re-align us to our most intelligent, loving selves. Because that is our true nature. The way I choose to effect change in a crazy, overwhelming time, is to teach this to more people. 

I am going to touch on what chaos in our minds is, how to begin retraining to our natural, resourced mind, and then how we can create from a centred mind.

Chaos in our Mind

Let’s first define what a chaotic mind looks like.

Chaos in the mind is when your mind has you, you do not have it. 

Thoughts bounce randomly from thought to thought like a ping pong match, then layers of thoughts pile on one another, then we have emotional reactions to certain thoughts we believe, and those emotions create other thoughts….


But, you know what the scary thing is – even scarier than someone coughing on you in a supermarket scary – most people don’t realize this is a chaotic mind. They think this is a normal day, in a normal mind.

What are the effects of a chaotic mind?

Feeling like there isn’t enough time
Caring what people think more than your own truth
Selfishness, Greed and Judgment

So basically a lot of crappy things.

A chaotic mind left unattended and untrained is simply going to continue to be chaotic. Just like a garden with weeds, those weeds aren’t going anywhere without some gardening. They will use up all the water and nutrients and grow all over the place. Your untrained, chaotic mind uses up your energy, your presence, and your cell tissue in order to stay amped up and over working. You can retrain it.

How do we create a centered mind?

  1. Notice your thoughts. Don’t try to change them or wrangle them to the ground. Don’t force yourself to think positive either. Just notice.
  2. Do regular brain dumps. Julia Cameron calls these “The Morning Pages” and they are awesome. I call them brain dumps. Write your thoughts on paper. No editing, no grammar, no aesthetic…just take your brain and dump it onto paper. Aim for 1-3 pages.
  3. After doing this for a few days, now start to pay more attention to your body. Are you in your body? Aka – can you physically feel the sensations in your body in the moment. Your body is key to being centred. It is here, it can’t be back in the past or in the future. Your chaotic mind runs amuck all of over the damn place, right? But your body is HERE. Feel it. Tune in. Take it’s lead back to being right here, right now, moment to moment. Breathe. 
  4. Let your body digest emotions. When you overthink, the emotions never digest fully. They just loop around and around. The body is where your subconscious mind has the space and presence to transmute the emotion back into useable energy. The mind likes to rehash, replay, repeat in a failed effort to avoid pain. It’s a flawed system, and you can upgrade it.
  5. Keep coming back. No matter how much your mind flails and attempts to regain its old training of overthinking, keep coming back to your body. Keep using the tools I shared here. I use all of these myself and with my clients, they do work.

Let’s say you are all in. You do all these actions above. You’ve started a new program. You are noticing, writing, being in your body, letting emotions move through the body without overthinking or analyzing the bajeebers out of them, you are starting to use your mind rather than it using you. Awesome…

What now?


Consistency is key to retraining a chaotic mind.

This is not a, “I did it for 10 days where’s my happy?” quick fix. 

Think bigger. Your life will improve if you train your mind back to peace and resourcefulness- absolutely. BUT, we also are being called to action on this planet as collective global citizens. If everyone is reacting from chaos, we won’t do so well.

A lesson I learned from the shaman medicine people/wisdom keepers in Peru was that we are either contributing to the collective nightmare or dreaming a new dream.

From Chaos to Centre to Creation

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ― Buckminster Fuller

I’m seriously not going to quote Ghandi and Dr. Martin Luther King here, we all know we can create something from first being a better person ourselves, and then make the changes we know we can make where we are, with what we have…Right. Now. No excuses. What you can do right now, is begin to train your mind so you can create rather than react in your life.

Instead of wondering helplessly what we can do as individuals in analysis paralysis in the face of global transformation we can…

Do what we can. Where we are, with what we have. 

We want to clear our mind chaos, so we can move into our creative ability. The chaos in our minds will translate to chaos in our lives. Drama, conflict, insecurity, and overwhelm are extremely common in most people’s lives right now. What if your mind could actually be a place you could retreat to?? Your mind in its fullest intelligent nature is a resource meant to enhance your life. At least it can be.

It takes time, but it is worth it for your own wellbeing and your ability to be a productive global citizen. This should not be misunderstood as obligation or heavy guilt. This is not the time to indulge in guilt, and regret and powerlessness. Just get present. You have the personal power to change.

#weareallinthistogether is a popular Covid hashtag and saying right now and I want to call BS on it. We’ve always been on the same ground, drinking water, breathing air, sharing the planet together. Why did we need to share a virus to realize this?


We are all humans on this planet together. 

Here’s my 2 cents. If we return to our own higher nature as individuals, families, communities, companies – we can all effect better change globally. Those that have resources and power can help others, those that have a voice can amplify others. Those that need to receive, can receive. Human beings need to step up into their higher nature.

This is my jam, I’m here ready to help those who want to do their own work of being a better human being. I work on myself daily, and am happy to share what works.

Message me questions, or what you need to do your own work to create from creation, rather than react from chaos. – Free resources are available on my blogs and more will be coming on YouTUBE.

Here is a clearing breath you can try now.