You Are Irrelevant!

It seems there are so many people and organizations telling us what to say and how to think. Let’s face it, it’s pretty noisy out there. The explosion of social media is a huge factor in that equation. We all need to stay informed, and that would be with REAL news and information as opposed to FAKE news and information which we have in spades.

But really, there are just some hypocrites that need to be quiet and do something else with their time than to tell us how to think. They are the IRRELEVANTS. They just don’t seem to know it yet.

These people have made themselves irrelevant by virtue of the hypocrisy that they have in their actions and their words. They think that the rest of us so worship them that their opinions matter to us all. Not! Here are the hypocrites of the week that are irrelevant and need to go away. Their opinions don’t mean anything. They have no credibility and they are full of hypocrisy.

Starting with Hollywood, I’ll just say a blanket “we don’t want your opinion”. Your lives are so unlike the rest of the country and the world’s realities, it is ridiculous for you to opine on a world you don’t even live in.

Your club is discriminatory to say the least, and you have become so corrupted by power and money and boredom with life, that you have lost touch with life as the majority of Americans experience it. We watch your shows and movies to be entertained, to take us away from real world problems and humdrum, and we do not want to hear your twisted versions of the political rhetoric you spew every time you have a self-aggrandizing event.

You have the hypocrisy en masse to call President Trump a vile person, a sexual predator, a moron and worse, as you all knowingly allow a Harvey Weinstein to be your good friend. You all stood and applauded for Roman Polanski, a child rapist, when he won an Academy award. Woody Allen, another accused sexual predator of children is among your beloved idols. There are so many among you who are sexual predators, drug addicts, tax evaders, philanderer’s, that you have no standing to preach to anyone. Get your own houses in order and leave ours alone.

The most disgusting things have come out of actors and actresses mouths against our President that I have ever heard. Yet you support the Clintons, another couple preying on young women sexually and by defaming them.

You have no standing to be relevant, so please be quiet. We the people get it, and we got it right by electing Trump. There is a saying about people thinking you are stupid, but when you open your mouth you remove all doubt.

You all complain about getting rid of Obamacare which is a disaster for the vast majority of the people who watch your work, while you all can afford Premium Healthcare, and write it into your movie and TV deals.

You complain about the second amendment while you glorify guns and killing and torture in the majority of movies and TV you all profit from. You have body guards and expensive security systems, and private drivers and planes, and don’t care about leaving the rest of us to our own devices to protect ourselves.

You just don’t get the world we all live in, and that makes your opinion on politics irrelevant. My next irrelevant person of the week is Hillary.

Hillary, you have made it your personal vendetta to go after Trump. This from the woman who said that the result of the election should be accepted by the losing candidate. Hypocrisy!

You also befriend the likes of Harvey Weinstein, and take 5 days to tell us how “shocked” you were at his behavior. You cheated with the help of Donna Brazil during the debates. To know you is to know the people you surround yourself with, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Huma Abedin and Anthony Wiener, another sexual predator, the groups that are enemies of this country, like Black Lives Matter and Muslim Brotherhood. You have been involved in more scandals than I can count, scandals that cost America our secrets, and have cost people their lives. Honesty is not a word in your vocabulary. You also live so far out of the American mainstream and are so out of touch with the real Americans, and you wield power like a personal club to get your way, but you have littered the country with your lies and frauds on America for your own personal benefits. You live a fake life with a fake marriage and embrace the antithesis of what Americans want for our country.

You also call President Trump a sexual predator, yet you have lived with one and defended it for years! You have no standing anymore, no moral compass to guide you and you are an angry woman.

Hillary, you lost. You are irrelevant. The best you can do is retire and try to have some semblance of normalcy and peace in these later years. Thank you for your service, but we are done with you and the hatred you spew. Our country is yearning for positive energy, a take charge President who does not kneel at the feet of our enemies, and a family man. We voted, go home now.

I want to hear from relevant Americans with a positive and constructive message to move us all forward. I think many feel as I do, that we are tired of the nasty rhetoric from politicians, actors and actresses, athletes. It’s all partisan. It’s all from people who have lost their right to opine by their double standards and hypocritical messages. We should all stay informed, and not through these so called spokespeople, but by reading and listening and paying attention, then voting in those that will bring America forward, not push us backward. God Bless America.

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