YES, Women have Value and Purpose!

Sadly, women have been taught for many years that their value comes from an outside source. We have been led to believe our value comes from the friends we have at school, whether or not we are invited to a party or the prom, the man we are with, the way we look, the size and shape of our body, the brand of clothing we wear, the balance in our bank account, the job we have, the level of education we have and even whether or not we stay at home with our children.

It’s nothing short of insane!

YES, Women have Value and Purpose! It has not always been easy for women to believe this about themselves. For centuries women have faced a myriad of struggles when it comes to their identity and value to society. Women have been treated as property. We have not been allowed to voice our opinions, express our thoughts, use our talents and abilities to the fullest and have been made to believe we are less of a human being than our male counterparts. In fact, there are still cultures today that have this viewpoint of women.

While we cannot change an entire culture steeped in centuries of tradition and mindset, we can look inside ourselves and examine our own heart and mind to grow and develop confidence in who we are. We can each see our individual self as a woman of intelligence, compassion and abilities to make a lasting and positive impact on the world around us.

In order to be that woman you have to believe that you have something worthwhile to contribute. You have to be confident in who you are as a woman—that you have value.

It is also no wonder so many teenage girls and young women are so confused and conflicted on how to be themselves—or what that really even means. That can all stop right now. No matter what your story or your circumstances, we all have to come to the same place—the place of:

  • Believing the fact that you have something to offer
  • Acknowledging what your talents and abilities are
  • Embracing your talents and abilities to make the world around you a better place

So no matter what your finances look like, what color your skin is, what kind of neighborhood you live in, where or if you go to school, what your marital status is or what you look like…you have the right and responsibility to be confident in who you are. The human spirit knows no bounds – Believe that you have value and purpose.

I felt so passionate about this – that I had to create a workbook to help the millions of women out there embrace their true-self. By embracing the words of this book and applying them to your life and by working through the self-examination practices in the workbook, you can discover or be reminded of what it is that makes you so incredibly, wonderfully you AND gain the confidence to be that person.

To Live on the Brink of Greatness™, You have to believe that you have value and purpose. If you do not believe this, you are stuck. You are stuck living a life of mediocrity; one that is bland and unfulfilling. Find out more on a topic that I’m most passionate about and one that can help you live a more fulfilling life.

For Further Insight:

DrStem is a Licensed Psychotherapist, International Best Seller, Teen-Parent Expert, Wellness Coach, Certified Passion Test Facilitator, Certified John Maxwell Leadership Trainer, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach and President/Founder of Global Counseling & Coaching Services, Inc. which focuses on speaking, training, workshops and seminars for teenagers, parents and women. She is the Host of the DrStem Show Talk Radio and Podcast on America Out Loud. DrStem “Life Plus”, is all about Motivation, Inspiration, Education, Empowerment and Encouragement. She is a teen-parent expert who understands that many teens are missing the parental or adult guidance they need during these challenging years. DrStem is on a mission to inspire, and empower teenagers and adults alike to feel the fear and go after their passions and dreams anyway. Her work is designed to bring HOPE, boosting confidence and encouraging others to live their lives Freely and Fearlessly.