Wrongly Accused In Blue

Police officers in the line of fire… in that split moment the need arises to defend the public and their own lives… only to be ridiculed and used as a pawn in a political struggle and power grab from political elites. Disturbing yes, and it’s the new reality on the front lines to keep crime in check and off the streets of America.

We’ve seen the images all too often, and today we’ll pull back the layers of deceit in a frank conversation with a man who defends the men and women in blue each and everyday. BLUE LIVES RADIO, THE VOICE OF AMERICAN LAW ENFORCEMENT is proud to feature a man whose mission is so important and topical that the entire hour has been devoted to his work.

Ron Hosko is the Director of the LAW ENFORCEMENT DEFENSE FUND which has been defending wrongfully prosecuted Law Enforcement Officers since 2000, including “The Baltimore Six” who were accused of serious crimes and tried by Baltimore States Attorney Marilyn Moseby who was stunningly defeated. The LELDF has spent more than 2 million dollars to offset legal expenses for wrongfully accused cops and their success rate is amazing. Tune in to this fascinating interview by Host Lt Randy Sutton.

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