The sexual revolution is like a tsunami leaving victims in its path of destruction, including American men. Listen to Terry’s frank discussion with 30-something Jimmy Berkon who survived the tsunami and learned to thrive. He now leads men to understand “the gift of self “in this ongoing battle using transparency, humor and his reflective mind. Comparing the injuries to military battle wounds, Jimmy’s analogies are insightful and inspire reflection in this busy “me first” world.

Grounded in theology and the school of hard knocks, Jimmy has the unique perspective to be able to make sense of the wounded American man and what needs to happen in order to move forward and rebuild from wounded hearts and wounded minds to men made to lead and protect. Jimmy is going places. Don’t miss his insight!

Jimmy Berkon majored in Theology from Franciscan University and continued his studies at the John Paul II Institute with an emphasis in Theology of the Body. He is a frequent contributor to Fiat Radio and Catholic365.  Jimmy speaks about healing and the “gift of self” in prisons and conferences.

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