Wow! Since the late 1980’s, Dan Smithwick has been testing the worldview of Christian students as they make their way through government, private, and homeschooling settings. He wanted to know if young people are taking ownership of their Christian faith, or, are they being influenced in the areas of politics, environment, economics, religion, and social issues, as they are exposed to the secular market of music, film, and socialist indoctrination of government schools.

What he’s discovered is chilling! Other than young people who are taught using a “principles approach” to education, all other Christian youth are declining in their biblical worldview. The area of economics is the worst! See the chart: PEERS-Trend-PDF-1.pdf

The argument can be made that America’s REPUBLIC is at stake. So, if you value America’s republic, your family and you should take the Nehemiah Institute’s PEERS test! See where your worldview is in line with God’s word and where you need some help. In the areas you need help, Nehemiah Institute provides white papers and additional reading. It can’t get any easier than this platform to help your family grow in the Word of God as the collision of worldviews continues all around us. Let us all be Nehemiahs and rebuild the United States of America which is dedicated to God. America’s future hangs in the balance. Go visit Nehemiah Institute today.

Dan Smithwick founded the Nehemiah Institute in 1986. In 1988 Dan authored the PEERS Test, a worldview assessment program designed to reveal an individual’s worldview on politics, economics, education, religion and social issues (PEERS). 


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