World Economy Shaken. How Bad Will It Get? Harry Dent Explains 2

The World Economy is slowing – with debt ratios in some cases at 4x GDP – even wealthy countries are in for a rude awakening – explains Harry S. Dent Jr. The BREXIT fallout? The future of the European Union? The ripple impact around the world? The Asia markets? The impact on American elections? What is the root cause of this instability?

In a most riveting interview, and in typical Dent style – Harry Dent leaves not a stone unturned in his assessment of economic
and world markets.

  • Was this a good move for the UK to cut ties with the European Union?
  • What European countries will follow the UK and exit the EU? And how soon?
  • Is this the beginning of the end for the EU? or might there still be a future for the EU?
  • Was the European Union a bad experiment to begin with? or could it have worked?
  • How in the end will this impact Americans?

There are experts who study the economy – we call them Economists, and then there is Harry S. Dent Jr. The attraction with Harry is he doesn’t sugarcoat everything and he doesn’t tell you falsehoods or some fairytale of the truth – he will tell it to you straight. You may not always like the answer – but at least you’ll know how to prepare yourself for what’s coming! ALSO Harry Dent returns this Friday for his CRYSTAL BALL PREDICTIONS ON THE ELECTION – can’t wait for this one!

Harry S Dent Jr
Harry S Dent Jr


Harry S. Dent Jr 

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