How a Woman of Faith Found Her Passion in Fungus 1

Did you ever think of fungus as sexy? When life throws you fungus throw hope back at it! Chronic ailments can leave a person hopeless and depleted but with hope there is a blessing. The secret to a happy, healthy and vibrant life is to believe the best in every situation; no matter how grim. God has a purpose for each of us and our work is to listen to the silent whispers and follow HIS direction.

Erin Porter
Erin Porter

The discovery path is long, wrought with fear, difficult and overwhelming but there is light at the end of every dark tunnel. Prayer gave her strength to keep fighting fearlessly for health answers and when she found them she went on a mission to share her wisdom. Overcoming chronic health issues, shyness and perfectionism listen to how a woman of faith was gifted her passion through all things; fungus!

A professional photographer, ERIN PORTER coupled her personal battle with chronic disease and her creative skills to build an inspirational blog and website dedicated to healthy recipes and articles for inspiration and education. Her hope is to encourage people to find the root cause of illness through prayer and healthy eating. She has been featured on PBS American Health Journal and Know the Cause, as well as many other radio shows and podcasts.

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