All across America there’s a contagious spirit unleashed and growing at Trump rallies, the sounds of roaring crowds shouting “four more years”, echo throughout airport hangars, as larger than rock concerts, amass Americans’ of every ethnic background standing in support of the people’s President, despite what the “fake news media” would have you believe.

The once forgotten Americans are seen waving Trump flags within city street corners and communities and Truck drivers en route from one end of America to another have noticed the power of the Trump phenomenon; there is no way in hell the demon-rat opponent, and criminal, Joe Biden, could even conjure up a handful of supporters at his wanna be rallies.

Social media’s Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc are deeply involved in this obtuse agenda of usurping the voices of Americans despite the strong and undisputed evidence of massing Trump supporters of every age, race and profession.

Let’s add some Amish trailblazing, horse and buggies to the list of supporters and parades taking place in America, especially in the battleground states of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Their communities have aligned themselves with voting again this 2020 as they did in 2016 for Donald J. Trump, as the Amish are all about preserving life, religious belief, small business, and judges.

With the emerging revelations and truths of political, deep state criminality, this commander in chief’s popularity grows daily because Trump is battling the evils of the world which the radical left, Democratic party has aligned itself with a lawless disorder of chaos, destruction and unethical immoral practices.

The Amish are a God fearing, Bible reading, practicing community, their very belief system was heavily challenged during the seditious, long eight years of the former Obama-Biden administration, when their communities were challenged by rogue, federal agents, illegally terrorizing and encroaching upon the Amish belief systems.

Those unjust plots sanctioned by the Demon party left an indisputable bad impression upon the heart and minds of law abiding Amish communities.

The radical Obama-Biden administration venomously tried to enforce mandatory vaccinations and schooling, regulations regarding the pasteurization processes of Amish dairy products and deceptive over reach within their family run farms and businesses, targeting this Christian population while over protecting Islamic sanctuary cities from any type of government enforcements.

Seriously, does the left forget that Trump won the Presidential election in 2016 from the tyrants of the Democrat party because the silent majority saw the evil abound⏤do they really believe Americans will be coming back for sloppy seconds with Joe Biden whose handlers are deep state terrorists? Aahh, not so much!

By nature, the Amish don’t make a practice of taking part in any type of politics, but the left has manipulated and weaponized politics in every facet of life, that’s why they involved themselves in the AMISH-PAC in 2016, to further protect their future legacy from the lawless lunacy of any further Demon-crat ambushes.

Aside from meeting with the Trump administration, the very last time any member of the Amish community attended a White House event was when former President Woodrow Wilson invited an Amish minister to a prayer service during WWI.

This November 3rd, 2020, marks the most historical period in America’s Presidential election. Voters have been preparing since the last Presidential election of 2016, when Donald J. Trump beat HRC despite the cheating of the Democrat party.

The Amish congregation are a population of very crafty and hands-on people, their communities are farmers, fine craftsmen and carpenters, and family businesses, residing in the rural areas of 31 states and Canada, yet the greatest concentration of Amish reside in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana.

Historically, the Amish communities were never civically engaged in any political or Presidential election ever before until Trump in 2016 and now again in 2020.

They realize this is the most important election period in history, and the Amish votes could very well break all records with the Republican vote and reelection of President Trump.

Pennsylvania and Ohio have the largest Amish population in the U.S. with both states tallying up to nearly 100,000 Amish residents each and growing yearly because of the traditional large families of six to eight children.

The Amish-Mennonite don’t participate in the use of social media, yet, are keen to the corruption and propaganda by the big tech moguls withholding communications from the masses. What big tech doesn’t understand is the Amish connection to the God force is their communications through prayer, devotion and lifestyle, one that the Amish protect through the yod of God.

They’re savvy in communicating with others in their communities regarding voting PAC, aside from their antique methods of old fashioned newspaper and billboard ads running throughout the rural Pennsylvania and Ohio countryside. They also host a special hotline made available to their voters who may have questions or requests regarding registration.

These are big and exciting times for the Amish people who treasure and will fight for the most important issues involving life. They have learned and transformed through the politics that tried to redefine them for eight years in time and are protecting themselves by exercising their right to vote, they are proactive in registering family, friends, even workplaces.

The once sleeping giant of nonconformity is needed and welcomed very much for this time and place in American history for the forward battle and fight for good vs evil on the front of protection and preservation of conservative values.

Today, the Amish PAC set up in 2016, is skyrocketing in this historical election year due to the enthusiastic responses from the Amish women who are voting for the first time and calling the PAC hotline to obtain voter information and registration.

President Trump is first and foremost a father and businessman, one who doesn’t smoke or drink and appeals to the Amish who live by the Biblical codes and are considered the most Christian believers.

The Godly Amish population may be the key element needed to secure the battleground states of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Regardless, Trump supporters have grown in size and many once upon a time Democrats, Independents and others who never voted are now allowing their votes to be counted at this pivotal turning point in American history.

Many new Trump supporters have walked away from their old belief systems and failed party lines, they are awakening to the common sense and morality issues and a people’s President who supports the most vital issues of the American people.

Image: AP