What will President-elect Trump’s candidates mean for America’s future?

OPSEC ponders its new role in light of the upcoming Trump administration and speculates on key cabinet posts impacting on US national security and the Armed Forces. It is OPSEC’s sincere hope that the string of security violations are a thing of the past and we won’t have to take the new administration to task over the same. OPSEC will continue to be the standard bearer for US Special Operations Forces and the Intelligence Community. But what does all of this mean for America’s future?

Colonel Jamie Williamson and cohost Del Wilber, former CIA officer and Counterterrorism expert, speculate on cabinet selections and their impact on the US Armed Forces and US national security over the next four (eight?) years.

Jamie Williamson, OPSEC Cofounder & President: Jamie is a retired Army Special Forces colonel with over 33 years of service. He is a combat veteran and has served in Iraq, the Balkans, and Afghanistan with various command and staff assignments in the infantry and in Special Operations. He is currently a small business owner.

DW, Former CIA Case Officer: DW was an Intelligence and Counterterrorism Officer with the CIA and the Department of Defense – with a focus on technical and human intelligence collection activities, as well as counterterrorism operations in Eastern and Western Europe, and the Middle East.

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