Widow Gives Birth 3 Years After NYPD Officer’s Death

Out of a tragic event some times something incredible may come to life. Three years after the death of an NYPD officer’s death, a police officer’s widow gives birth to their child. Science, hope and even faith, perhaps, could work in unison to sprout and let life grow in this crazy time experiment we call life. Crazy is putting it mildly. But, with every negative, there will always be a positive.

Host Richard Tracy opens the episode solo and talks about Madonna’s crazy White House threat and talks a little about people’s strange frustration with President Trump. NYPD’s Officer’s widow gives birth to the their child some 3 years after his tragic death. Ben and Jerry’s is under heat from the crazy leftists. Tracy revisits some burning memories from his previous week’s beach trip and ends the show talking about some crazy fellow who pooped himself and ate it just before spitting back out at the officer.

Richard Tracy, host of the new podcast Criminal Masterminds, is a new breed of talk radio and podcasting. Think of Tracy as a Super Hero, only this one does not come with a fancy cape or gadgets. He does not combat villains nor does he jump out of burning and crashing airplanes with out a parachute. What Tracy does and will combat is the anti police rhetoric which has been plaguing the nation along with the political correctness which has prevent people from having the true "honest and open dialogue" on the current issues regarding policing in the Great U.S. of A. He also may make you chuckle like a school kid in the process.