Tricia Powell presents the strong case for why Christians need to understand the different worldviews so that they “have a seat at the table.” Listen to this spunky Puerto Rican mother, wife and Apologia worldview teacher explain the basic fundamentals of Marxism, and postmodernism contrasted to a biblical worldview. Learn how the Secular Humanists set out in the early 1900s to Christian values out of schools, media, government, etc. According to Tricia, it is time to stop with the holy huddles and get out into the world and join the conversation of worldview in every aspect of life.

Tricia explains that Christians shouldn’t isolate themselves from this upside down world nor should they become tolerant. They should be equipped to boldly speak the truth with love.

Tricia Powell, a bi-lingual native of Puerto Rico, graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Business Administration and is a graduate of the 2014-2015 Chuck Colson’s Fellows Worldview Program. Before answering the call to motherhood, she managed large-scale projects and worked on programs for major corporations.

Tricia discovered her love of teaching when she volunteered and mentored students in the youth group at her local church. Her desire to inspire continued when she worked for a foreign exchange program where she supervised 40+ students from around the world. She hosted seven students of her own during her four year tenure with this program. She proceeded to redirect her energy to her first ministry, her family, and began homeschooling her own children. She has taught History, Government and Classical Literature at her children’s co-op. In addition, she is a frequent speaker serving on the Hosea Initiative team teaching worldview and its impact on social issues. She is currently teaching worldview to high school students.

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