Do you ever feel crazy?

Like, you shouldn’t have all those random thoughts in your head and something must be wrong with you?

You are not crazy.

You are a normal human with a conscious mind. There is a lot of stigma about the word crazy, and no one wants to be considered crazy. I hear this all the time, “Am I your craziest client?” This is said with dread and fear etched into their face.

I think our society has gone mad trying to be “fine” all the time and repressing any emotion that cannot be controlled with logic. Most people do not feel safe feeling their feelings around other people in general. The constant pressure to keep it together and always appear normal and problem-less needs to change, it is not sustainable. Trying to control ourselves like this leads to depression, apathy and anxiety. We think there is something wrong with us, rather than something wrong with this nutty way of contorting to unnatural societal expectations.

Being a person on the planet doesn’t have to be so complicated, but for some reason it seems to be.

In the world of personal development there is a lot of jargon and terminology that can be confusing for people simply trying to have more peace, joy and authenticity in their lives.

Here are some clear points to consider.

  1. All of your thoughts are not yours.
  2. You are not your thoughts.

This understanding is so effective, I aways teach this to my 1 on 1 clients and groups. This perspective on thoughts liberates people from the hamster wheel of trying so hard and judging the bajeebers out of themselves for every single thought, word, or action that isn’t “right.”

Most of your thoughts are picked up from childhood, outside influences like the workplace and the media, and the general noise of the world.

It’s not so serious, thoughts are data passing through our brains. We have not learned to tune ourselves to the thoughts that are our own and the thoughts that are just looping automatically.

The rise of meditation and mindfulness has allowed many people to begin this process of being the observer, sometimes referred to as being the witness. This terminology defines the ability to notice thoughts without attaching to them, reacting to them, or believing them without discernment.

You are not crazy you are a human being with a mind that has not been taught how to actually use it. You’ve been taught lots of things, but rarely do I come across people that have learned how to use their mind, heart, body and spirit intelligence systems in order to hear their own voice and make choices from their most authentic selves.

If you want to learn this I made a program for this exact reason:

The Thought Sphere: Not all Thoughts are Yours

All thoughts that have been thought, and are being thought, are in the air just as much as all the wifi signals or radio and satellite waves.

Think of it as a thought sphere. There are many thoughts from many sources all roaming around in thought space. We can pick up thoughts from anywhere, we can let thoughts go, we can grow thoughts we want more of, we can enjoy the space between the thoughts. It starts with awareness first, then practice.

Meditation simplified is the ability to know you are not your thoughts, be with everything and react to very little, and hang out in the space where thoughts do not exist. Much like an airplane flies above the clouds and there is a palpable experience of clarity above the buzz and noise of humanity.

Quick and Fun Meditation: Closing the Files

In a quiet place, sit and consider how many files or tabs are open in your mind right now? Just like on the computer.

Trust yourself and just notice, don’t judge yourself or try to change anything.

Now, which files or tabs could be closed? Minimized? Sent to the trash? Deleted?

That’s it.

Practice this clearing exercise whenever you are overwhelmed.

Learn how to use your mind, rather than it using you.