Nearly raped by film producer, Roman Polanski, Mallory Millett has a lot to say about this crazy culture we live in where good is called evil and evil is called good. She’s had a front row seat in the game of life from Hollywood to New York City. Having learned to not compromise her integrity in an industry which demands sexual favors, Mallory has a unique perspective on the #MeToo movement.

If you are a liberal, Mallory is sure to stir your emotions with her lively discussion of why— to large degree—women are to blame for the erosion of our culture; her take on illegal immigration; and why women need to go back to their homes and run society!

If you are a conservative, you’ll enjoy Mallory’s years of experience having walked away from Communism as her sister, Kate Millett, unleashed Marxist feminism onto America. Join Mallory Millett and Terry Beatley as they discuss freedom, families, faith and America’s future and why walk away from Marxism.

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