When relationships crumbled each party tends to blame the other. There are typically questions left unanswered leaving both parties in a state of confusion. Most often women are left feeling bitter and resentful especially when she has been the “strong-man” in the relationship. This ENERGY BAR will take you on a journey to discover some of the answers to questions you may not have known how to ask or even know to ask. Listen as we get intimate in this discussion on “Why Woman Should Not Be The Strong Man.”

Elliott Katz is the author of seven nonfiction books and has done many radio and television interviews. He teaches the principles in this book to men and women, and speaks at conferences to groups of both men and women.

After the end of a relationship, Elliott Katz sought to learn about being a man in a relationship. He found books on relationships said little to him. He found powerful timeless insights in the lessons that fathers and other older male role models taught younger men. People started seeking his advice and would say, “Why didn’t someone tell me this before?” Moving beyond the trendy ideas about a man’s role that don’t seem to work, Elliott Katz shares insights on being a man that have withstood the test of time. Interestingly, these insights are the traits that he heard many women complain are lacking in men today – showing leadership, making decisions and taking responsibility.