This past weekend on ViewPoint This Sunday, and across most all political news outlets, questions were raised with James Comey’s refusal to testify in a classified briefing; opting instead for a public briefing. 

Republican lawmakers like Trey Gowdy are insisting Mr. Comey answer questions in a classified environment so the former director of the FBI can answer questions he stated in his last public hearing he claimed he couldn’t answer due to the classified nature of his answer. 

One question that Mr. Comey should be asked under oath is whether he, Hillary Clinton or President Obama were aware their colleague and former National Security Advisor owned a defense contracting company while he was serving as Obama’s National Security Advisor? More to the point is the question of whether James Comey, Hillary or Obama knew anything about, or ever privately contracted the services of, the defense contract General Jones’s company was paid to be developed called the ShadowNet? 

Dynology #1 (click to enlarge)

An actual copy of a Dynology marketing slick from 2008 (see images) was clearly used to solicit black PSYOP capabilities to run information operations in South America and the Middle East, and features what I believe is an actual black PSYOP engagement on Google’s South American social media site, Orkut, along with an active engagement screenshot in Arabic.

Notice in Slick #2 the description of the ShadowNet and iPsy relational social media database. It is designed to do exactly what we indicted the 13 Russians for, and was owned and made commercially available by one of their closest colleagues, National Security Advisor, General James Jones. 

A recent news report stated that Obama’s former National Security Advisor now does business with Saudi Arabia, and I think it is critical we understand if Obama’s ShadowNet is being licensed to foreign countries for black PSYOP projects.

Dynology’s relationship with Paul Manafort alone should be sufficient for us to demand answers to these questions from James Comey; behind closed doors and in a classified setting. I believe we then need to demand Hillary Clinton, former President Obama and former National Security Advisor, Gen. James Jones, be brought before a closed-door briefing and asked these same questions.

Dynology #2 (click to enlarge)

Although paid for by taxpayers, General Jones’s company, Dynology, kept the intellectual property rights and made this “black PSYOP” product commercially available thru Dynology. I have strong evidence the ShadowNet was used to influence the 2010 Ukrainian elections, and believe (and wrote about at the time) that the ShadowNet was used as a black PSYOP tool to influence the Michael Brown riots. 

I am in the process of personally requesting a classified briefing with the same lawmakers seeking to interview Mr. Comey in a classified setting, because so much of what I did for the department of defense under CENTCOM from 2007 to 2010 is classified above Top Secret. 

Because I provided these services as a private military contractor, it is highly unlikely few, if any, lawmakers or legislators would know about what we did, but it is very important information for them to understand when looking at what we indicted the Russians for, the Ukrainian elections in 2010, and even the Russian dossier hoax.

If you think this information is interesting but doesn’t directly tie any of the current list of the Russian dossier hoax, I would point out that Dynology’s #1 preferred partner, as listed on his corporate website, 3EDC, was Paul Manafort. It should also be considered that John McCain, whom is directly tied to the dossier, has been a lifelong friend of Gen. Jones. 

I think both lawmakers and all Americans need to know if the FBI has used Obama’s ShadowNet black PSYOP capability to influence Americans on our homeland soil, or to influence turmoil in South America like we see with the migrant caravan today?

The first step in knowing that answer is in a classified briefing, not in public.