As the 2020 presidential campaign heads toward the final stretch I am reminded of the exceptional nature of our beloved republic. Even with the unrelenting onslaught of leftist democrat verbal assaults against those who love God⏤ the United States of America is a gift amongst nations. I am increasingly more convinced that we must step up and fight like never before, to stop the demonic enemies from within from literally destroying our republic. The United States of America is the envy of the world in countless ways.

Throughout the annals of the majority of history, mankind lived either under the brutality of kings or dictators who ruled with an iron fist ready to crush any attempts to seek personal advancement. Just as tyrannical were backward tribes in Africa, North and South America and elsewhere. In all three situations, the majority of the populations merely existed in toil suffering more hungry days than days when food was plentiful to eat. Creature comforts were far and few between for all except the elite cruel rulers who plotted against the masses in order to keep them in the awful position of either slaves or serfs. There were a few exceptions to the rule of misery for the majority. Among them were the ancient Israelites who flourished during the kingships of both King David and his son King Solomon. The great Roman Empire also had seasons of general prosperity and a comparatively good lifestyle for the general citizenry before the emperors became drunk with power over the people.   

Another huge contributing factor to the misery that in time overtook both the Roman Empire and ancient Israel was a precipitous decline in moral standards. Since the Garden of Eden, history has been repeated over and over again. Empires, Kingdoms and Nations would eventually rise to greatness, only to crumble and become a contributing pile on the ash heap of history. 

When one focuses on the United States of America⏤they discover that our great republic was founded upon Judeo/Christian ethics. In fact, the Pilgrims who first first came to our shores dedicated the land to Almighty God. The pilgrims understood early on that in order to build a great and blessed society, they had to plan and operate based upon the good principles enumerated in the Holy Bible. They understood that good begats good and evil begats evil, they chose to lay the groundwork for good in what they called the New World.  

Later on, the founding Fathers of the United States of America agreed to form a more perfect union. They chose to derive our governing Constitution and Bill of Rights from the infallible guideposts found in the Bible. 

It was George Washington who stated, “the adoption of the constitution will demonstrate as visibly the finger of Providence as any possible event in the course of human history can ever designate it.” 

The Founders were also inspired by the great British jurist, judge and writer William Blackstone. The United states of America is not only the first nation directly founded upon Christian principles, but our Bill of Rights is a beautiful reflection of how God sees everyone as equal. The founders declared not only are we equal, but that we all should benefit from equal opportunity. I believe the Founders were inspired by our Creator granting us equal opportunity for eternal life. 

The Founders also understood that individuals who are free and live in a land of liberty, are more likely to pursue a life of greatness though work and achievement. Thus, the door was opened to the recognition of our unalienable rights which the Founders believed, as do I, are granted from God, or as Jefferson put it, nature’s God. Because of our nations unique start, founding principles and for a long time the adherence to the principled concepts of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness there was formed the first and largest comfortable middle class in history. 

America truly was the land of opportunity. If Americans do not fight to successfully return our nation back to her roots of God inspired principles, she will no longer be the last best hope for mankind. 

God bless you, God Bless America and may America bless God.