Eight long years we endured a president who was a spineless jellyfish when it came to standing up for America. We will never forget the hundreds, if not thousands of American service personnel who died due to Obama’s lack of action during his two terms in office. We will not forget when Obama drew a “red line” in the sand against Syrian leader al-Assad, warning him, that if he used chemical weapons against his own people, there would be a price to pay. When he did it anyway, what did Obama do, absolutely nothing. Which was a reflection of his entire presidency.

The do-nothing president, the man who traveled around the globe when he first was elected in 2008, apologizing to the entire Middle East for America’s transgressions. Talk about a contrast. On April 14, 2018 President Donald “backbone” Trump, unleashed a barrage of Tomahawk guided missiles on multiple government sites as well as on a Syrian airbase, causing extensive damage. This was in response to a chemical attack against civilians in Syria on April 7,  2018. 

During President Trump’s campaign, one of his promises to the American people was that he would protect Americans around the globe. And that we weren’t going to be pushed around any longer.

Can you even imagine this president handing $1.7 billion dollars in cash to the terrorist mullahs in Iran, for a promise to not build nuclear weapons? This is inconceivable to anyone with a thimble of common sense. Yours and mine, taxpayers dollars just given away, for nothing in return. That money could have helped thousands of wounded veterans and their families. The same wounded vets who were killed or maimed trying to better some of the rat holes in the Middle East. 

Since his election in 2016, President Trump has taken the handcuffs off of our military on the battlefield. He has authorized our military leaders to do what they feel is necessary to kill our enemies and protect American lives.

During Obama’s tenure, it was just the opposite. Our leaders on the battlefields had to stand down when presented with a threat, waiting for authorization from above, and that “above”, quite often was the Whitehouse. Many times, we missed opportunities to kill an enemy who was trying to harm us, because of this delay. Not anymore, not with President Trump in charge, we do not miss those opportunities and therefore finish missions where our intent is to take out the bad-guys. This is one reason why our military personnel love this president. We spend billions of taxpayer dollars training our men and women on how to fight and win, and now they get to utilize that training and keep us safer than we’ve been in years.

In the past three months, under President Trump’s leadership, we’ve eliminated two of the most evil creatures that Satan has unleashed. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was blown to pieces in Syria in October 2019, by his own hand. Cornered by the U.S. 75th Ranger Regiment and the U.S. Delta Force, he detonated his suicide vest, rather than be taken prisoner. The truly sad addition to this is, he took the lives of two innocent children he had with him. This scum was responsible for thousands of atrocities, including the genocide of Yazidis in Iraq, along with extensive sexual slavery, organized rape and systematic executions. We say publicly that we gave him a burial at sea after being offered Islamic funeral rights. This is still part of the BS politically correct crap we still need to change. My interpretation of what was likely reality, they fed what was left of him to the sharks. Good riddance.

Now we come to the coup de grace, the extermination of General Qasem Soliemani on January 3, 2020. This animal was responsible for even more deaths than al-Baghdadi. He was an Iranian major general in the Islamic revolutionary Guard Corps and commander of its Quds Force, a division primarilarly responsible for extraterritorial military and clandestine operations.

Soliemani was involved past and present, in military operations all over the Middle East. Soleimani was the principle leader and architect of the military wing of the Lebanese Shia Party, Hezbollah. Due to Obama and John Kerry’s inability to command respect across the globe, Soleimani recently found himself in a place where he felt safe and sound, the Baghdad airport. This airport is only 15 miles away from our embassy in Iraq. The same embassy that was attacked last week by Iran-backed militiamen and their supporters. Coincidence that Soliemani happened to be near? I don’t think so. If not for the quick action of President Trump, we would absolutely have had another “Benghazi” on our hands. 

According to one Iranian here in the U.S., who was born in Iran, Iranians are happy that Soliemani was killed. She went on to say he was a psychopath, who was responsible for the death of thousands of Iranian citizens, who were also raped and tortured. She goes on to say that:

General Qasem Soliemani “makes Harvey Weinstein look like a saint.” 

General Soliemani clearly underestimated the new leadership in America and our resolve to protect our interests around the globe. Our awesome U.S. Intelligence and military, under President Trumps guidance, vaporized this heinous creature. They knew exactly where he was and would be headed. When the call needed to be made, President Trump pulled the trigger without hesitation. Naturally, the delusional left wingers are crying in their Wheaties over the loss of Soliemani. Too bad we can’t send all these Hollywood morons and fake news, America hating blankety-blanks, to Iran for a nice vacation. Guaranteed, they’d come back singing a different tune. 

In the meantime, the world has been put on notice. The United States now has a president with a backbone. You never know when a silent drone might be hovering overhead, ready to vaporize the next miscreant who means us harm.

(Image: Yahoo News; photos: AP (2), Iraqi Prime Minister Press Office via AP)