For a long time, I have been saying that Donald Trump will always have the final word!

The almost two-year long (675-days to be exact) Mueller Investigation; $35-$40 million cost, over 2800 subpoenas, 500 plus witnesses, in an investigation to nowhere. Of course you’re familiar with this information, and by now most of you know the outcome, no collusion or obstruction worthy of prosecuting a sitting president. You would have thought by now that when the report was issued and Attorney General William Barr held his press conference and delivered his 4-page summary that would have ended it. Not so fast friend, hold your horses, we’re dealing with the ‘everything but the rule of law,’ high-level hypocrisy, insanity and emotional Democrat Party and their fellow Progressive political operatives and their false-narrative mainstream media.

Democrats waited patiently for their appointed crusader, special investigator Robert Mueller, to deliver the goods and fulfill their most fervent desire, of IMPEACHMENT, but it was not to be.

Once again, their world was shattered and became a darker place, their reason for living was dashed on the altar of truth and the facts; they were crushed once again by the Trump express train blaring out, VINDICATED.

Vehemently angered, disappointed, and disheartened, just like after Hillary’s election lost, which is the crus of all of this, Democrats now seek refuge in their only alternative; begin another contrived and senseless investigation into whether there was in fact occasion where obstruction of justice could have occurred. They base this on the Mueller report that discussed ten incidents of what might be considered instances of where the president sought to interfere with the investigation. Most of his supporters and non-partisans, however, believe in these cases the president was just lashing out, frustrated and angry at what he and many believed to be a “witch hunt”, or perhaps even a “Deep State” silent coup d’état, hence, truly a political assassination attempt, which my friends is still ongoing.

Understand this and focus — we should all resign ourselves to the fact that nothing will stop Democrats; they are to make a point a confused party in conflict and disarray and have no substantive policies or legislation to offer, other than extreme out of the mainstream proposals by the current crop of presidential candidates. They are driven by emotion and the fact that the truth is about to hit them in the face. Trump and Barr and John Durham are about to and will reveal and expose them for who and what they really are. Make no mistake it will happen!

That said, the usual suspects⏤you know who they are in the Democrat Party, along with their enablers in the mainstream media and entertainment industry, and even a few Establishment Republicans, are out in full battle array; guns blazing, propaganda spewing, to bring this President down, one way or another. And while this chaotic agenda is imposed on the American people, majorities who in surveys say stop the nonsense and get back to the business at hand, important matters are ignored and left to fester.

Already the buffoonish Representative Jerald Nadler (D-NY) has his list in hand and screaming his insane threats of more subpoenas, members of the administration requested to appear before committees to testify, in some cases for the second time, all in an effort to find something, to find anything’ to prove the President Trump broke the law, any law, even obstruction to a crime that NEVER HAPPENED! I can guarantee that if you ask a Democrat, in a private conversation, to say the first thing that comes to mind, in whatever setting you may be, it will be IMPEACHMENT. It is now written in their DNA – and it will be from now until the November 2020 Election. Mark my word.

That one man, in postmodern America, a builder and businessman who at one time was in the favor of his now enemies, can cause such a breakdown in the lives of so many people, driving them to the very brink of mental exhaustion and debilitation is both amazing and sad.

The last two-plus years has been a time of unchecked fanaticism, great unrest and unabashed hateful rhetoric, most of it directed at the president. Since that very first day he descended on the escalator on his way to the presidency, a day has not gone by where the Democrats, media, Hollywood and the cultural left have dragged his name through the mud, attacked his family and questioned his sanity and competence.

The Democratic Party has regressed and in fact in the process of imploding. I personally believe part of Donald Trump’s plan is to finish it off. Certainly, I also believe for some time now they’ve been traveling down an erratic and reckless path, perhaps at least since the mid-1960s, probably since the 19320-30’s. Whatever the outcome and wherever this will lead only time will tell, but when considering their extreme and radical agenda and positions on issues ranging from abortion, social programs, religious liberty, it looks bleak and cannot be good for the country.

Most Americans are both frustrated, and more so angry. Most by now are probably asking ourselves, will this ever end, and what the outcome will look like? Will we reach a point when all the hate and reckless incessant partisan bickering comes to an amicable end? Will all the insults, incivility, inflammatory rhetoric, and ad hominem attacks fall to the wayside, and will all sides shake hands and move forward. Regrettably, I don’t think so. To add to the dilemma, Robert Mueller did not help matters with his recent press conference that was a study in confusion and contradiction.

The fact is this, there is one thing, however, that has been revealed for all the nation, even the world to see, and that is, President Trump’s enemies have made just about every conceivable effort, made countless accusation for one reason or another, threatened impeachment, and thrown the often mentioned “kitchen sink” at him. There has not been a day that has gone by in the past two-plus years, not one that I can recall when Mr. Trump has not been badgered, insulted and defamed. But, as we have all come to learn, this president is usually the last man standing and has an ability to weather just about any storm. And through it all, whatever the issue, and throughout his detractors, constant attacks, when the smoke clears this president is still defiant to the anger and frustration of his enemies.

I will finish with this point — 17th century English writer John Dryden wrote: “Errors (lies) like straw upon the surface flow, he who would search for pearls must dive below”. The search for answers is now in the hands of Attorney General Bill Barr who will investigate the origins of this witch hunt, when and where it began and by whom. I certain know and will continue to keep you abreast. Barr is a true Patriot, to success I firmly believe he will have to submerge himself in the swamp; he will have to dive deep, fend off the vermin and bottom feeders, to find the real pearls of truth. But in the end he and President Trump will truly find, reveal, and expose those who are the true American demons and they will hang. For the Democrats – IT’S OVER!  IMAGE: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik