These so called Social Justice Warriors pander to the public⏤as though their idea of right and wrong and WHO is right and wronged in America is theirs to decide.

So what is “social justice” anyway? It has been defined as a concept of a fair and just relationship between an individual and society. It discusses the redistribution of wealth, opportunity and social privileges. People are to give to society and society gives back. People are expected to pay taxes, and to receive public services. Social Justice in this version is you put in and you get back.

The social justice version being pushed on America today has expanded the meaning to be⏤you put in, and those who don’t put in⏤receive the benefits.

To my mind, there is so much more to social justice and social injustice. Justice is economic, criminal and social. Making things equal under the law is different than making things equal under some notion that uses justifiers such as race, or sexual orientation, gender, poverty or wealth. 

The progressive left social justice warriors would take income earned by those who work for that income and redistribute it to everyone less economically viable. It matters not if they work or choose not to. It matters not how much they give to the economic engine of America that allows us to live the American dream if we choose to. They can take from those who do the heavy lifting.

True social justice is the free access to opportunity to earn that which we need and want to enjoy in life. It is not taking from the earner and giving to the person who does not choose to get the education, the skills or take the initiative to work for what they want. That is no one’s justice and to talk the socialistic talk of wealth redistribution is not any form of justice for any one of us. Justice serves blindly, it does not redistribute and it does not punish productivity and reward a failure to produce.

The progressive left would tax the larger income earners and redistribute to low income earners including those in this country illegally. Their economic view would harm all of society as those income earners are the providers of jobs, innovation and products. The economy would implode and everyone would be worse off. If the corrupt politicians get their hands on our money, it will never get to the so called needy.

Social justice warriors view criminal justice through an equally distorted lens. Their goggles have them seeing criminal justice as racial or wealth based, or gender based. Criminal justice is about behavior and accountability for that behavior. That should be the denominator. When reality star Joe Giudice served his time for tax fraud, he was deported upon leaving jail. When illegal aliens get out of custody for rape, murder assault, and every other crime, police are not allowed to turn them over to ICE for deportation. An illegal just recently was arrested for rape, and upon his release, the ICE detainer was ignored and he went right back to the victims house to re-victimize her. Whose justice is this?

We will deport a tax evader and protect a rapist. When we no longer prosecute theft, burglary, drugs, but we prosecute a 60 year old woman for tapping a coworker on the shoulder to say something, or charge a 13 year old Kansas student  with a felony for making a finger gun, out of nothing but her fingers, where is the justice?

Lady justice is blindfolded for a reason. Jussie Smollett cannot be forgiven his crime while others without “connections” get charged. Victims should not have to be victimized by prosecutors who won’t prosecute crimes. The disparity of the racial balance in prisons cannot be dictated by color, but by behavior. Whoever does the crime, does the time.

Courts should apply the law blindly and equally. That is socially just. To apply our laws; criminal, immigration, misdemeanors and felonies in an arbitrary way based on social status, political persuasion, wealth, color, sexual orientation, gender or any other bias is socially unjust. 

Social injustice is ignoring our laws to flood the country with illegals. Social injustice is Sanctuary cities protecting those here illegally while not protecting legal citizens from their crimes and doubling down by refusing to work with ICE to remove offenders from this country. A repeat offender was not allowed to be picked up by ICE, and upon his release he murdered a teenage boy in a park. Explain your social justice to that boy’s family!

The constant conversation about social justice from our new progressive leftist politicians is not about fairness, or equity or justice at all. If you believe that they will take from the rich and give to the poor, I have a bridge from California to Hawaii to sell you.

If you believe that criminals should be set free because of their color, or that classes of people should have extra special rights, you are smoking funny stuff. This is about power for those in politics. 

Justice is justice and we all really know what it is, so why are people drinking the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren Kool-Aid? Use your common sense, it really doesn’t take much. Who gains, who loses? It’s always the question. My social justice treats people equally with opportunity, punishes equally for bad behavior and follows the rule of law for all. If you earn it, you get to spend it. If you broke the law, you pay the price.

No matter what race, gender, sexual orientation etc. you are, we are equal, and no one is more equal. That is my clear-eyed view of social justice. Everything else is a means to someone else’s end.