Like everything in Muhammad’s Quran, his god Allah (the alleged creator of the universe) was intimately involved and concerned about Muhammad’s wellbeing, his needs, his thoughts, his desires and his deeds.

Although we have already proven beyond a shadow or even a reasonable doubt that Muhammad and Allah are actually one and the same entity, we shall continue destroying the myth that the Quran was ever divinely revealed by anyone other than Muhammad; therefor Islam is not a religion but a Cult belief system, the Cult of Muhammad.

Once again, we resort to the Islamic sources to bring this despicable case to our readers.

In non-Islamic societies, the admirable tradition of child adoption is commonly practiced. This tradition is FORBIDDEN in Islam’s Sharia based upon a disreputable and despicable event in the life of Muhammad as recorded in his Quran and the Traditions.

Al Ahzab 33.4 “Allah has not made for a man two hearts in his (one) body: nor has He made your wives whom ye divorce your mothers. Nor has he made your adopted sons your [true] sons. Such is (only) your (manner of) speech by your mouths, but Allah tells (you) the truth, and He shows to the (right) way”

The background for this –  as usual with Muhammad – conveniently Made to Order ‘revelation’ is the following:

This verse was concocted by Muhammad to justify his lust for Zainab the wife of his adopted son Zaid bin Haritha. The traditions tell us that one day, without prior arrangement, Muhammad visited the home of Zaid. Zaid was not in but his wife Zainab was.

Because Muhammad went in unannounced, he saw the beautiful scantily dressed Zainab and he immediately lusted for her. When Zaid found out that ‘the prophet’ desired his wife, he divorced her and Zainab became another one of his wives (9 of them when Muhammad died). The above verse was revealed there after sanctifying Muhammad’s sordid lust and thus prohibiting forever child adoptions in Islam.

Let us share with you what Ibn Sa’d and al-Tabari said concerning this story:

Muhammad Ibn Yahya Ibn Hayyan narrated, “The Messenger of Allah came to Zaid Ibn Haritha’s house seeking him. Perhaps the Messenger of Allah missed him at that time, that is why he said, ‘Where is Zaid?’He went to his house seeking him and, when he did not find him, Zaid’s wife Zainab Bint Jahsh stood up to [meet] him in a housedress, but the Messenger of Allah turned away from her.

She said, ‘He is not here, Messenger of Allah, so please come in; my father and mother are your ransom.’The Messenger of Allah refused to come in. Zainab had hurried to dress herself when she heard that the Messenger of Allah was at her door, so she leapt in a hurry, and the Messenger of Allah liked her when she did that. The heart of the Prophet was filled with admiration for her He went away muttering something that was hardly understandable but for this sentence: ‘Praise be to Allah who disposes the hearts.’

When Zaid came back home, she told him that the Messenger of Allah came. Zaid asked, ‘You asked him to come in, didn’t you?’ She replied, ‘I bade him to, but he refused.’ He said, ‘Have you heard [him say] anything?’ She answered, ‘When he had turned away, I heard him say something that I could hardly understand. I heard him say, “Praise be to Allah who disposes the hearts.”

‘Zaid went out to the Messenger of Allah and said, ‘O Messenger of Allah, I learned that you came to my house. Did you come in? O Messenger of Allah, my father and mother are your ransom. Perhaps you liked Zainab. I can leave her.’ The Messenger of Allah said, ‘Hold on to your wife.’ Zaid said, ‘O Messenger of Allah, I will leave her.’ The Messenger of Allah said, ‘Keep your wife.’

So when Zaid left her, she finished her legal period after she had isolated herself from Zaid. While the Messenger of Allah was sitting and talking with `A´isha, he was taken in a trance, and when it lifted, he smiled and said, ‘Who will go to Zainab to tell her that Allah wedded her to me from heaven?’ The Messenger of Allah recited; ‘Thus you told someone whom Allah had favoured and whom you yourself have favoured: “Hold on to your wife.” 

Aisha said, ‘I heard much about her beauty and, moreover, about how Allah wedded her from heaven,and I said, “For sure she will boast over this with us.” Salama, the slave of the Messenger of Allah, hurried to tell her about that. She gave her some silver jewellery that she was wearing.”

As usual with Muhammad, as and when he needed a justification for any of his misdeeds, he claims a Made to Order ‘revelation’ was descended to him to sanctify it, hence the revelation that forbids Muslims from adopting children.

We would like to point out that even 1400 years ago when Aisha was just a teenager, she too found it very strange how Allah was always at the beck and call of Muhammad.

Sahih Bukhari Volume 6, Book 60, Number 311 Narrated Aisha:

I used to look down upon those ladies who had given themselves to Allah’s Apostle and I used to say, “Can a lady give herself (to a man)?” But when Allah revealed: “You (O Muhammad) can postpone (the turn of) whom you will of them (your wives), and you may receive any of them whom you will; and there is no blame on you if you invite one whose turn you have set aside (temporarily).’ (Q 33.51) I said (to the Prophet), “I feel that your Lord hastens in fulfilling your wishes and desires.”

How is it possible for any rational thinking and fair minded human being not understand that it was because of Muhammad’s adulterous desire for his daughter in law that child adoption is forbidden in Islam?

What is even most disturbing of all is the fact that because his Muslim male followers consider Muhammad the most perfect human being to follow and emulate, they have been and will continue to follow in his footsteps as his psycho pathological clones against all human beings who are not Muslims currently 80% of humanity whom they denigrate calling them Kuffar/ Infidels.

Once again we must point out in a nutshell what should be obvious based entirely upon Islam’s Sharia.

The most egregious lies that have ever been insinuated into the human consciousness are:

Allah is the same as the God of the Bible

Islam is a religion

Muhammad was a prophet

Islam means peace

Jihad is a spiritual struggle to commune with God

And last but not least, the Quran was divinely revealed

Thus, based entirely upon the Islamic sources the following are also unassailable:

a) Since every Muslim is Sharia compliant, then every Muslim is the Eternal and Mortal ENEMY of every non Muslim human being called Kuffar/ Infidels currently comprising 80% of humanity of all Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Atheists, Agnostics, Pagans etc

b) It is impossible for any Muslim to be BOTH a Good Muslim and a Loyal citizen among non Muslims/ Kuffar/ Infidels

Is there anyone to challenge any of our Truthful Revelations?

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