We have an accountability crisis in this country. Growing up, I was always taught by my parents to be, and made to be, accountable for my actions.

Somewhere along the way in the last 40 years, we have become a nation of un-accountables.

This started with schools and sports teams not being able to hold children accountable for their actions or their performance, or lack thereof. Parents started complaining when Billy could not get a trophy, or have equal playing time in a sport just because he was not good enough to warrant either. Now we give everyone a trophy so we don’t hurt anyone’s “feelings”.

Teachers became impotent in their ability to discipline a student for behavior problems or scholastic deficiencies, as parents complained and demonized the teacher, as their child could not possibly be to blame, nor their own lack of parenting. Speaking of parenting, we decided to allow television, and computers and iPads to raise our children, rather than actually talk with them, teach them, read with them, have them socialize and learn how to play well with others.

When that child grows up and kills someone by driving intoxicated, we have lawyers arguing that it is not their fault that they drank and drove and killed another human being; they have affluenza, or had a bad childhood, or a “disease”. Then judges further that enablement, by buying those lame arguments and giving little or no punishment to criminals from small crimes all the way to homicide.

When people commit crimes, lawyers stand ready to get them off the hook and make them unaccountable for their actions and the harm they inflict on others, with bogus, dishonest, unethical arguments. Judges are all too ready to not hold criminals accountable and let them off time after time after time to cause more harm to everyday citizens. What motivation is there to stop committing crimes when you keep getting away with them?

Parents who abuse their children, keep getting them back through the social services system and the courts to hurt them some more.

Welfare and public assistance fraud and all government handout programs require little oversight and accountability on the part of the recipients or the overseers, so fraud is rampant.

Teachers and federal government workers don’t have to be accountable for their work, for the quality of their job performance, for bad behavior, or even for crimes. The Unions have made it so that teachers with tenure, or government workers cannot be fired. Why then should they be accountable for doing a stellar job? It matters not if they do a great job, or just show up and put in the time, they get the same paycheck.

The folks running the VA have not had to be accountable to those they are there to serve, hence the disaster in healthcare for those that have served us all in this country. The management of Equifax will still get their bonuses, despite not taking the measures they had at their disposal to prevent the huge breach into all of our credit and financial information, and despite that they started selling off their stock days before the announcement of the hack into their data.

The IRS had no consequences for targeting conservative organizations and not allowing their 501C3 designations, nor for withholding information and outright lying about all of it.

We don’t want to hold the ILLEGAL immigrants accountable for breaking the law in entering our country. We want to feel sorry for them and let them be rewarded for breaking our laws. What?

Our entire house and senate are so busy fighting with each other like 4 year-olds that they are totally unaccountable to their electorate and nothing happens because of it. They are not accountable for their out of control spending, and the disgraceful Obamacare, and they don’t even have to be accountable for their own retirement, as they are gifted it by themselves to themselves, along with the best healthcare that we all can’t get and a paycheck for life.

We have to STOP THIS, and it needs to start in each of our homes with our children being held accountable for their actions, good and bad. Then we need to change the system to not allow these specious attorney arguments and the lax judges, and hold criminals accountable for breaking the laws. Less crime would be the direct benefit of incarcerating criminals and keeping them incarcerated. The recidivism rate is off the charts, and I don’t want to be the victim of people that should not have been let off their previous 10 crimes. I was hit head on and almost killed, by a drunk parolee driving on the wrong side of the road at excessive speed. That person should never have been out of prison after committing a home invasion robbery on others.

There is an excuse for everyone and everything and no one is accountable any more for their actions. Every person in every job should be accountable for their performance and fired if their performance is not adequate. Period. No free passes for teachers, or federal employees, or state employees or union members. Do the job you get a paycheck for or lose it.

Every person who commits a crime should be held accountable for it and quickly. Politicians not accountable to the electorate need to be voted out.

We are creating a nation of whiners and victims here, along with serial repeat criminal offenders. America, man up, and be accountable for every action you take. It will take some time, but we will be better for it if we hold ourselves and others accountable, good or bad, for our and their actions.