Since Donald Trump was a young man, he has been a non-stop contributing force to humanity. This billionaire businessman was loved and admired yesterday by people of all races and economic status, especially the social elite.

“The Donald” was always a regular guy underneath all the glamour, because he possesses the moxie and sophistication of a peacekeeper and bridge-builder, yet today, Trump, has been demonized by the propaganda machine who want you to believe he is a racist and white supremacist.

As Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece, Alveda King said: “Trump is not a racist”.

In case you forgot, the Democrat Party is not the same party it was when JFK was President. Democrats have completely morphed into a socialist movement. There was great mystery behind the killing of JFK, but rest assure, Trump is fulfilling all that Kennedy set out to make possible.

You should already know the democrats are the owners of the good old boys, Jim Crow and the KKK, they are the party of the enslavement of all people. They don’t align themselves with American values as they sold themselves out to foreign enemies trying to usurp our great nation long ago.

Trump has never based his loyalty around skin color, there are those who will argue the only color Trump see’s is the color of money, but the truth is, he’s earned his bounty and shared it just the same by blessing communities, foundations, schools, minority groups, institutions, the arts programs, sports, children’s groups, the under-privileged, and others, especially, NYC.

Let us not forget the tragedy of 9/11, when citizen Trump spent his own time, money, and manpower to support and help restore New York City, his home, and the people he loved unconditionally.

It’s another tragedy to witness the once upon a time greatness of Trump’s New York City, become ravaged by an out-of-control Democrat Party that wants to steal your soul, just after they take your vote.

Today, we witness other political tragedies of mob mentalities taking place in Democrat-run cities across America. These Demon-shapeshifters abuse their government platforms to wage war against law-abiding citizens and our President. These treasonous politicians have weaponized their satanic agendas against the honor and valor of our police departments and the rule of law as they shout, Trump is a racist.

These people are the systemic catch and release system, the stain on the American dream, and a page right out of the twilight zone and zombie apocalypse.

All who are “awake” know how it works, “The Khazarian Mafia” owns and operates rogue politicians, certain religious leaders, the media, music & entertainment industry, Hollywood, and other corporate moguls who partner with their corrupt enterprise, but Trump can’t and won’t be bought. He knows exactly who and what they are, and they hate that they can’t penetrate his moral compass or spiritual code.

Did you know that in 1966, a younger Donald J. Trump, assisted in the creation of the MLK Jr. International Freedom Games?

Did you know that civilian Donald Trump had a two-year personal relationship with the black model, Kara Young in 1998, she herself stated, “I never heard him say a disparaging comment towards any race of people.” Is this the character of a white supremacist-racist?

Remember the days when black rappers wrote over 65 songs wanting to be like Trump? There was a time when Snoop-Dogg befriended and roasted Trump in 2011, so Snoop where did you go and why, where you put on notice by the powers that be not to be friends with an American patriot?

To any of you nay-sayers out there, are these contributions by the once civilian businessman – now President of the United States of America, the actions and character of a so-called racist-white supremacist?

1987 Donations

2010 to 2015 American Patriot Donald J. Trump’s personal donations to humanity.

1983 – Donald Trump rescued the Fifth Annual Negro League Reunion Event after a donor pulled out.
1984 – Trump helps an unemployed Hispanic man in need to get his life back on track by offering him a job off the street.
1986 – Trump receives Ellis Island Medal of Honor with Rosa Parks and Mohammad Ali, for contributing to the conditions of inner-city black youths.
1987 – Donald Trump is appointed Chairman of the New York Citizens Committee for the 78th Annual NAACP Convention.
1988 – Trump bestows Cissy Houston, mother of Whitney Houston, with her “Special Achievement in Parenting Award” from Parents Anonymous of NJ.
1988 – Trump worked for Mike Tyson in exchange for a $2 million donation to the Trump Foundation to support United Cerebral Palsy and other Medical Research.
1988 – Trump donated to Al Sharpton’s National Youth Movement Organization.
1989 – Donald Trump donates the use of his Trump Shuttle Airplane to transport relief aid to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Hugo.
1990 – When Nelson Mandela was unable to rent a plane to fly to several US cities, Trump came to the rescue.
1991 – Trump rewards the black gentleman who jumped into action when his mother was mugged.
1992 – Trump donated $30K to the Harlem-based Hale House for babies born suffering from their mother’s drug abuse, alcohol abuse, or AIDS.
1997 – Trump donated office space to Jesse Jackson’s Civil Rights Group, the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition.
1997 – 1999- Trump donates $1.2 million in scholarships to high school kids in Indiana.
1998 – Trump donated $31,500 to the Detroit School of Fine Art Band to travel and perform at Carnegie Hall in NYC.
1998 – When the Utah Jazz Basketball Team stayed at a terrible hotel in NYC, “Trump came up big” and helped them out.
2005 – Donald Trump donated to Naomi Campbell’s Fashion for Relief, which raised money for victims of Hurricane Katrina, in the mid-2000s.
2008 – Donald Trump puts Jennifer Hudson & Family up for free in his Chicago Hotel after her mother, brother & nephew were found murdered.
2012 – Donald Trump helped out seriously Ill Miss Wisconsin 2005, Melissa Young, by ensuring that her Mexican-American son would be able to go to college.

Shame on you Jesse Jackson for going dark on your friend Donald Trump after he financially supported your run in politics, and backed your civil rights group, giving his time, attention, and money to your cause. Al Sharpton, who had more visits to #44’s White House than the press, he is the pot calling the kettle black, decades after Trump supported his “National Black Youth Movement” organization in 1988, but that’s right, Obama administration politics divided you and now you’re both racists.

You can take the man out of New York, but you can’t take New York out of the man. Trump gets bashed by wishy-washy people all the time about how he speaks or tweets, but the bottom line is, he says exactly what he means, and means exactly what he says.

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