It is truly disheartening as well as utterly disgusting watching American society disintegrating relentlessly since Barack H. Obama took office and his legacy thereafter.

A great number of brain dead White and Black Americans are demanding Reparations for Slavery although not a single American in the 21st century even had a father who owned one.

Why would any American today pay such reparations since most definitely that most present Americans either arrived in the 20th century or thereafter?

Why pay reparations to Blacks who are squatting on Native American soil and NOT to Native Americans whose lands were taken away from them and their peoples were mostly slaughtered in the first place? They, after all, deserve reparations (if any need to be paid) than any other group in the USA.

It is due to the willful and utter lack of knowledge among most Americans that such insane and asinine demands be made.

Although billions of people in the 21st century have instantaneous access to billions of pages of information at the click of a mouse, most of them chose to be in either deliberate ignorance or willful in denial.

African Americans are one of the prime cases as I shall demonstrate with the following perfectly clear example.

In 1964 there was a world champion boxing match between Sonny Liston and a young man called Cassius Marcellus Clay. Although most of the bets were against Cassius to win, Sonny Liston refused to return to the ring after the 7th round conceding the championship to Cassius Clay who claimed he is “the greatest” and the media agreed.

A few weeks later, Cassius Clay declared that he had converted to Islam and that his new name henceforth is Muhammad Ali. He explained to the shocked American people that:

“Cassius Clay is a slave name,” he said. “I didn’t choose it and I don’t want it. I am Muhammad Ali, a free name — it means beloved of God, and I insist people use it when people speak to me.”

Meaning; his original name of Cassius Marcellus Clay was one bequeathed to him and his family by White people and hence are the names of Slaves while his new names of Muhammad Ali are the names of free people.

To start with, Cassius was deceived into believing that the names Muhammad Ali mean “beloved of God” when in fact these names have absolutely nothing to do with love or God since Muhammad is the name of the founder of Islam and Ali is the name of his cousin and son in law. Although neither have anything to do with ‘beloved’ or ‘God’, unfortunately in 1964, not a single person in the media knew enough Arabic to contradict him.

Tragically, Cassius Clay (like almost 95% of African Americans) have not bothered to research his original name nor did any of them spend even one hour reading Muhammad’s Quran let alone one a single minute to research the history of Arabs and Muslims and their recorded and continuous genocide of Africans for the last 1400 years (140,000,000 died so that 14,000,000 were sold to the Americas).

Hadiths assert in numerous stories that Muhammad owned, bought and sold black slaves most of his adult life.

Most African Americans do not even know that the Racist Arabs – even before the time of Muhammad until the present – call all Blacks ABEED meaning SLAVES. Muslim Mauritania only recently under enormous Western pressure is allegedly forbidding African slavery. It was Muslim Arabs and Black converts to Islam who instigated the most diabolical, institutionalized and systematic enslavement of human beings (especially Blacks) in human history.

The followers of the Nation of Islam and their leader Louis Farrakhan are among the most racist, bigoted, hate mongering, intolerant anti-American, anti-Christian and anti-Jews in the USA as well as the foremost in deliberate total denial of the truth regarding Islam and Africans. Even as you are reading this article, Louis Farrakhan will not admit there is slavery being conducted in Libya, Mauritania, Soudan and others of both Muslim and non-Muslim Africans.

Cassius Clay was a young very impressionable black man during the segregationist era pitting racist Whites against other Whites and Blacks for equal treatment of Blacks under the law. As usual with Muslim leaders (especially the Nation of Islam), they took full advantage of this young, fiery, discontented but fully Quran ignorant man convincing him that Islam and Muslims are the saviours of Black Liberation.

Let me now share with both White and Black Americans the following irrefutable facts.

To start with, the original Cassius Marcellus Clay (nicknamed Cash) after whom the new Muhammad Ali was named was a White Abolitionist in Kentucky.

While studying at Yale, Cash heard a speech by the abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison that made an incredibly deep impression upon him, so much so that he later on freed all the slaves he inherited from his father, allowed them to stay and paid them wages.

In the 1840’s Cash was elected twice to the House of Representatives (Republican) and survived two assassination attempts because of his anti-slavery views in his publication ‘The True American’. Cash was instrumental in advising Abraham Lincoln to declare the “Emancipation Proclamation” to go into effect on Jan. 1, 1863.

So Muhammad Ali was ashamed to be called Cassius Marcellus Clay because it is the name sake of the White champion of African slaves’ emancipation but preferred the name Muhammad Ali, name sakes of those who allegedly freed Africans. Let us now investigate his claim.

According to the Hadiths (traditions about Muhammad in Islamic scripture) Muhammad bin abd Allah, the founder of Islam was a White man who owned, bought and sold numerous Black slaves.

Sahih Bukhari V1 B8 No 390:

Narrated Abduallah bin Malik bin Buhaibna “Whenever the Prophet offered Salat (prayer) [during prostrations], he used to separate his arms from his body so widely, the whiteness of his armpits was visible”

Sahih Bukhari V1 B8 No 371:

Narrated by Abdul Aziz “I was riding behind Abu Talha. Allah’s apostle passed through the lane of Khayber quickly and my knee was touching the thigh of Allah’s prophet. Then his thigh was uncovered by the shift of his Izar (waist –sheet) and I saw the whiteness of his thigh….”

Al-Tirmidhi Hadith 5791          Narrated by Ali ibn Abu Talib

When Ali described the Prophet (peace be upon him) he said: He was neither very tall nor excessively short, but was a man of medium size. He had neither very curly nor flowing hair but a mixture of both. He was not obese, he did not have a very round face, but it was so to some extent. He was reddish-white, he had wide black eyes and long eyelashes. …”

Sahih Bukhari V2 B 15 No 1008:

Narrated Anas bin Malik “While we were sitting with the Prophet in the mosque, a man came riding on a camel. He made his camel kneel down in the mosque, tied its foreleg and then said: “Who amongst you is Muhammad?” At that time the Prophet was sitting amongst us {his companions} leaning on his arm.

We replied, “This white man reclining on his arm.” The man then addressed him, “O Son of `Abdul Muttalib.” The Prophet said, “I am here to answer your questions”

Sahih Muslim 6081 107 (2343)

It was narrated that Abü Juhaifah said: “I saw the Messenger of Allah

with a white complexion and some white hairs. Al-Hasan bin

‘Ali resembled him.

Sahih Muslim 6071 98 – (2340)

It was narrated from Al-JurairI from Abü At-Tufail: “I said to him:

‘Did you see the Messenger of Allah?

He said: ‘Yes, he was white with an elegant face.”

There are dozens more Hadiths describing how white were Muhammad’s arms, shins, legs, stomach, back, arm pits and face.

The fact that the Muslim sources go out of their way to the degree of obsession to remind Muhammad’s followers how white he was must be because his skin colour was unusually light compared to the Arabs of his days, thus negating all the so called scholarly reports by Muslim apologists denying the racism of the Arabs vis a vis Blacks especially when it is mandated in Islam that anyone who insists that Muhammad was Black should be executed.

Let  me now ask the following  rhetorical questions~

1.Why is it that most Black Americans point the finger of Racism and Reparations only at white Americans who were the first to have a cataclysmic Civil War when over 600,000 of them died to overturn slavery?
2. Why would White Americans pay anything to Blacks when allegedly ‘racist’ White Americans elected a Mulatto Black (Barak H Obama) to the most powerful office as president of the USA for two terms?
3. Why is there not a single American out of 338,000,000 with the backbone and  knowledge to point out that the most systematised, the most institutionalised and most brutal slavery of Blacks who sold them to Whites were initiated and refined by MUSLIMS (Arabs and Africans)?            4. How many Black Americans have bothered to read let alone study the most genocidal history of Islam’s African Slavery?
5. How many Americans (Black and White) Know that the Muslims sold 14,000,000 Africans to the Americas who survived the slaughter of about 140,000,000 Africans?
6. How dare current Black Americans demand Reparations from the current Whites who have nothing to do with slavery while ignoring Muslim slavery that continues in Africa as you read this?
7. Why are Americans continuing their self-destruction by their insane and irrational degrees of Political Correctness?
8. Why should White Americans be accused of needing “soul searching” when in fact it is their detractors who do?

In conclusion, Blacks in the USA have been and continue to be deceived by Muslims (especially Arab petro-dollars in Academia, Media and among Politicians) because they are not willing to face Facts and Reality since it is much easier for Black leaders especially such rabble as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and most of the Black Caucus in politics to blame White Christians (who helped eradicate Black Slavery in the world and over 600,000 white Americans died in the Civil War) than study history and find out that it was Arab and Muslim slavers who plundered, butchered, raped, enslaved and exterminated 140,000,000 Africans to sell 14,000,000 their ancestors who survived into slavery. Image: Reuters/Leah Mills