America’s biggest political problem right now is that the two parties and the President, don’t agree who’s running the country. Democrats believe they still do by right, because they hold the House and they’ll kill to prove it. Republicans on the other hand are content with just having a seat at the table. Trump kicked the table over. Turmoil is where the Democrats work best. 

Democrats thought the fix was in for the Clinton organized crime family’s takeover by legitimately being voted into office.

Then, out of nowhere, a brash, noisy, non political billionaire tycoon businessman, Donald J. Trump, jumped the line brushing away all sixteen RINO contenders in the process promising, with his practical economic common sense, a commitment to restore America’s prosperity, restructure lopsided trade deals, end NAFTA, stop China’s theft of our intellectual proprietary property rights, close the Southern border to the free flow of illegal immigrants and then, he set about stuffing the Democrat queen bee back into the hive she crawled out of while continuing his promise to “drain the swamp,” Promises kept! What a guy!

So, after nearly four years, unsuccessfully trying to unseat Trump, Democrats still disagree with Republicans and Donald Trump on who runs the country. That question won’t be settled by the 2020 election either unless Democrats accidentally should win.

If they don’t win, they’ll contend the other side cheated, that Trump’s re-election is illegal and they will therefore continue to exercise their bogus right to interfere with every program Trump proposes. The GOP will go along to get along because basically most of ’em are no longer capable of original thought. 

The Democrats noisily hate everyone not with them politically, and their politics are Marxist. If they are in charge, whatever the other side wants won’t matter. What the voters want won’t matter either. That’s the basic issue here. Who decides who’s in charge? The Supreme Court settled it for George W. Bush in 2000, and Hillary’s inept campaign settled it for Trump in 2016. Who will settle it for 2020? A decisive victory for Trump is expected but no matter what, the Democrats will not accept a loss unless they are swept completely off the board.

Americans, until Trump, have accepted the vote of the people in presidential elections, like it or not. In earlier days both Parties were true American parties and accepted the outcome. But, today, the Democrats still won’t accept the 2016 election result and we therefore, don’t really have a united country anymore. If that’s where we’re at, then we are at the point of civil conflict.

What are the odds that Democrats will reject out of hand, Trump’s reelection and what will it mean?

Clearly, it means the Democrats won’t accept the results of any election that they don’t win and that they don’t believe in the peaceful transfer of power. Even without shooting, that defines a civil war. Shooting has to come next. But, who to shoot? A Bernie Sanders acolyte tried that at a baseball practice field in Wash DC so, it has started. 

The Democrat position goes beyond mere dissent. They hate Trump because he ruined their gig. They hate Republicans too and they even think that reestablishing conservatism is the worst possible thing to happened to the country, but they won’t work harder to win the next election, they’ll turn to subterfuge and voter fraud to prevail.

Democrats judge others by their worst examples and themselves by their best intentions. When Democrats consistently reject election results they don’t win, then it’s fairly clear what they want is a dictatorship. That won’t happen until their civil war is over. It has already started!  

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!