Whether you believe in Divinity or Science, the cataclysmic events which birthed the Universe in which we live, will forever be a source of question, speculation and mystery.

One thing is certain. Change is inevitable. How we think, what we learn and how we react to change.

It reminds me of the powerful 80s short classic book, “Who Moved the Cheese?” By Spencer Johnson. 

Everyone reacts differently to change. 

Our President, moved the cheese when he was elected President and continues to move the cheese nationally and globally.

So it’s no wonder to me that he moves people into his Administration and moves people out. Those he selects know this going in and know this going out. He is not interested in Yes Men and Women, but in those willing to engage with their specific skills and have him listen to their input. While their stay may be short lived, it nonetheless, is vital to the growth and development of the Trump Administration. They serve their Country with pride.

The Mainstream Media and the opposition, broadcast their message, that this is chaos. That also doesn’t surprise me. 

It is far from Chaos. It’s organized and strategic. 

However, just like the Universe, it is here for a purpose, and so is Donald Trump…Love RayRay..and a Poem. 

DC’s Wild Ride

It may seem like there’s chaos
Inside of the House
Resignations and firings
Put key positions in doubt

It’s not like the past
When Administrations were fixed
Filled up with Yes Men
And the women they picked

Don’t rock the boat
Keep towing the line
Don’t dare making waves
There’s no mountain to climb

But we hired a disrupter
A Rebel for rules
When he says that you’re hired
There may come a time he’ll undo

He chooses his leadership
Based on the skills he foresees
When they come to the table
They’re encouraged to talk as they please

It’s about serving their Country
So they answered his call
While it may be short lived
They still give it their all

He’s moving the pieces
All over the board
Sometimes the King
Must sacrifice Bishops and Lords

He thrives amid chaos
While others can’t cope
On this Warrior Dragon
We’re pinning our hope

Written by RayRay 12/25/18©️