This was quite the week. All of the things that we knew about the Obama administration are seeking sunlight. I know Uncle Joe can’t tell a fact from the truth, I am still working on that one. Will we see the IG report? Will it reveal the true criminals? 

Will the Socialist, Communist, Islamists, Globalists finally be held accountable? There is so much evidence pointing to Deep State⏤Elitist corruption.

Now is the time to step back and think. Who is in charge?

Whenever I get on overload, I always take a step back and do something different. This time I decided to have a weekend without internet. I decided to use my phone just as it was a phone, imagine that. I worked in the garden and orchard and spent much time listening to classic rock. I took out and dusted off the old CD player⏤took out some of the CDs that I used to listen to from the sixties, seventies and eighties and remembered what life was like at that time. Then I realized we have seen this show before.

It was hard to make sense of things then, just like today. The lies of yesterday are still being carried today. We still have about 30% of Americans divided into classes while being turned into victims. Sadly many of these victims are fighting for rights they already have. These victims are still part of “We The People” and “All men are created equal.” The discrimination laws already apply.

In the 60’s the death of JFK, MLK, and RFK was a constant reminder of corruption. (Sorry Joe it was the 60’s). The lies about the Vietnam War had the country divided. The riots in WATTS, about police brutality is basically the same propaganda we hear today. If you disagree with their twisted logic, you are evil and deserve to be exterminated.

In the 60’s we lived through a 103 inch blizzard in Oswego when I was in college. In the 70’s we sat on gas lines in temperatures that were below freezing. We traveled on bridges in blizzards while watching cars sliding all over the road. Then I thought, these poor kids growing up thinking they can control weather. How does man control a blizzard? Will eliminating plastic straws really stop blizzards? Then right on queue, reports of glaciers melting in Greenland emerge. Of course they are melting it’s Summer. This twisted theory will do nothing except have people paying more and getting less. The EPA is now advocating that in sweltering heat we should put our thermostats at 78 day and 82 night. Ha!

How did this happen? How did so many people become so ignorant in 50 short years? We all know the answer, look in the mirror. Globalists lie, the rest of us accept. These theories are promoted in school and reinforced by the media and Hollywood. Now these ignorant, mediocre people are in our government making policy. 

As I was listening to the music I realize that a lot of the songs that I was listening to would not be acceptable by today’s standards. Yet the songs are still popular. If we must destroy our statutes and murals must we erase our music as well? 

The Elite feel the concept of being AMERICAN, of being ALL different peoples together in the same land, in the same country, following the same law must be destroyed (transformed)! Look at the NY Times article to change our history. What are we facing?

Our individualism, our culture…LOST FOREVER
Comply, Resistance is Futile

Education is the one thing that affects all Americans. We call it the lowest common denominator. When you declare commonality in education, you must teach to the lowest and slowest. It is now the job of the school to dumb the population by training not educating while they REPLACE:


  • Cradle-to-grave indoctrination  aka education
  • all MEALS (breakfast, lunch dinner) in school
  • assignments not going home for parental input
  • intrusive constant testing using algorithms to nudge students to desired responses
  • parents demonized
  • no morality
  • normalize drugs and sex so children become guided to drug abuse thinking sex with anyone is OK


  • teach NIHILISM (life has no meaning – live for only today)
  • Secular Humanism (God is Dead)
  • Children are taught in Pre-K that the Government grants rights to have housing, a job, food, medicine. Of course – whatever the government grants, the government can take away, lie, and remove.
  • Free speech is only ok if children are trained that they can talk, as long as the GOVERNMENT APPROVES what they say.


  • Every able bodied American citizen will become a citizen of the world.
  • Work for menial funds unless sanctioned by the government
  • Worship the environment and limit use of resources for fear they will be used up to forgo dreams of success and to be happy living in an overpriced shipping container to save ??? space, food, the environment?
  • Sustainability programs fool humans into giving their POWER to the government who restricts their use of goods and services in the name of saving the planet. No more plastic straws in NYC.
  • Bureaucrats place more controls on you in the name of FAIRNESS to get them more Power. Power over you, can only be granted by you. You give your power to the government when you accept their unconstitutional controls.

They talk the people into giving up their guns: “We don’t let them have ideas. Why would we let them have guns?” Joseph Stalin

“As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there’s a twilight where everything remains seemingly unchanged, and it is in such twilight that we must be aware of change in the air, however slight, lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness.” ~Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas

Eventually, people lose their ability to legally comment on their opposing view and will surrender America’s culture, heritage and traditions – without a shot being fired! Murals, Art, Statues, heritage gone. According to mentor Karl Marx, “Take away a nation’s heritage and they are more easily persuaded.”

Our children will no longer know FREEDOM, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Instead, they will be told by the government, what makes them happy and to be happy with the crumbs the government provides.

The pattern of working all your life to strive for something to pass on to your family, to allow your children to have better opportunities than you did – will die with the NEW WORLD ORDER. Inheritance will be taxed so high, your family will be forced to “sell the farm” so they can move into the overcrowded, crime ridden diseased cities. Sustainability means you will not better any future as resources can not be used for fear they will be used up. They will be no future innovation, creation, invention unless sanctioned by the government.

Naïve people, trained in government schools have no idea that the Socialist/communist/globalists aka “ELITE” are in both parties.  These ELITES believe they are smarter and richer than the average know nothing stupid deplorables aka the American people. Democrats push big government, GOP pushed big business. In reality they are the same people. In the government, they make laws to push out competition. Oppressive do nothing environmental laws protect nothing but will put private businesses under. Oppressive business regulations create policy that eliminates competition. In tech they pull conservative views off media platforms. In banking, they refuse to service competition that does not fit their narrative. Yesterday we learned that the big banks are refusing to process or lend to companies that work with ICE.

“Socialism needs two legs on which to stand; a right and a left.
While appearing to be in complete opposition to one another,
they both march in the same direction.”  — Paul Proctor

How does this actually work? Last week an IPO came out for a company called Beyond Meat, a meatless mixture tasting like meat to be sold in fast food stores. What happened before the IOP? The environmental nuts got their 4 AM talking points and were told to demonize meat. Demonize they did. Meat is bad, cows are bad. Raising cows makes you evil. Cows are destroying the planet with methane emissions. What can be done? Put tax on meat. Does this make sense? No, until you know the major investor in Beyond Meat is Al Gore.

The world in chaos was created by design. Just watch as murderous attacks are blamed on Pres. Trump. We in turn hear:  The American Constitution must be replaced with Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Un Declaration of Children’s Rights. Eliminate the scam Electoral College and guns must be controlled. No plan presented will affect mass murderers. Chaos must be protected. Therefore, gun violence in Chicago goes unnoticed and gangs are ignored by MSM. Riots are used to promote the need for gun control. People dying are just part of their depopulation plan. Stalin: “No people, no problems.” 

This is the sad story of American values and culture in DECLINE. Are we at the final chapter? Maybe, but I believe the chapter has an open ending left for us to complete. Realize, the ending will only be THE END…IF YOU ALLOW IT! If you do NOTHING, nothing changes! This crowd of American haters is interested in only 3 things, MONEY, POWER, CONTROL.

It is time for Americans to speak out, act and take back their power. Trump and the American people are the only obstacles in the way of their New World Order. Will you give up America without a fight?

Whether we want it or not, the curtain WILL come down. As long as we allow opposition to be demonized, the damage to America continues. But a solid leader still has a short time to rewrite the ending. We will see shortly whether or not those so called ELITE who think they are in charge are held accountable for their treasonous actions. Remember this too: EVERY American is a leader! You can either be a VICTIM…OR AN ACTIVIST. You can’t be both. The choice is yours.

Is America worth saving? If not you, who? If not now, when?