In the aftermath of the Democrat impeachment fiasco, I am concerned that Republicans still agree with the trope that Trump’s telephone conversation with the Ukrainian President was… “unbecoming and, in parts, inappropriate, even if it didn’t rise to the level of an impeachable offense.

I read the transcript. I thought Trump was doing exactly what he promised he would do.
Who defines what’s an impeachable offense?
It’s over Romney fans, get a life!

Why is it still said that “many Republicans don’t think Trump’s call was “perfect,” as he insists, “but they didn’t want to remove him from office for it?” That has to be the thinking of the quickly disappearing “NeverTrump crowd, the same elites who have helped the Progressives keep and maintain power for so long.

Did any of those RINO’s hear the call or read the transcript?

By whose standard was that telephone call deemed “unbecoming and inappropriate,” and why do Republicans repeat that nonsense? Are they looking for some form of retro-forgiveness from Democrats for temporarily acting contrary to the collapsing status quo of the deep state? 

It is fortuitous for conservatives⏤after the Trump acquittal verdict, that for the Democrats, their Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) came out in full bloom for all the country to see.

Pelosi’s televised act of ripping up her copy of Trump’s speech was deemed by some as an emotional meltdown and even by a grand daughter telling how an Italian grandmother reacts when a house guest has offended the family, apparently by breaking the offenders dinner dish, a symbolic gesture to alleviate the pain. Who knows? who cares?

The Democrat Party is in disarray.
They’re befuddled about how to fix their message.
How’s that going for ’em?
Not too good I think.

They can’t run a trial, they can’t control the radicals in their caucus, they can’t even count votes in Iowa without screwing up the results and, they want to run our government again? It won’t happen because the Democrat party lacks discipline.

What political philosophy will emerge from the ashes of the Democrat party’s crash and burn I can’t imagine, but it won’t be pro-America. Whatever emerges, it won’t be for years yet and, in the meantime there’s still an election in ten months to be considered while a bevy of hopeless politically radical candidates have stepped forward, each with a belief they alone can be the Democrat Party’s choice to challenge Donald Trump in 2020. But they have no agenda. Hope springs eternal. Hope is a tease designed to prevent us from accepting reality. Hope is the wasteland of dashed dreams where the brainwashed, ignorant Liberal masses now dwell.

Typical of Democrat inclinations to cheat to win, and anticipating the bitter outcome they’ll soon experience in November, they’ve change their own rules for party candidacy to allow billionaire and former NYC Mayor Bloomberg, who hasn’t participated at all, to buy into the election process because (1), he’s a billionaire and (2), he has the better outside change of beating Trump in 2020 than that lot of radical losers gearing up for another scramble for delegates. Why bother? The DNC will settle for anybody except for the Communist Bernie Sanders.   

At the moment, Nancy Pelosi remains Speaker of the House, dwelling in the netherworld of her own dreams. She believes her mutterings are seriously listened to other than for the amusement of the casual readers. Having said that, her behavior shows that apart from being a TDS suffer, her ego basks in the glow of being “dignified” to show the world how she really felt about Trump’s speech. She said she “tore up a manifesto of mistruths.” We’ve seen this before!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!