Clearly, daily White House press corps gatherings are losing their allure and their effectiveness. Thrill seekers disguised as reporters or worse, journalists, primarily of the Liberal-Progressive bent, are intent on making themselves the news by challenging the press secretary’s every comment including her weight, size, candor and/or her intelligence, not to mention the President himself, not by asking questions pertinent to current issues but by taking irresolute stands contrary to the facts and demanding answers even when told to sit down and shut up. Their obnoxiousness is mind numbing and the whole business should be abandoned.

The White House controls the news briefings not Jim Acosta or the other Liberal creatures dedicated to the Presidents destruction. These people are functionally illiterate, solely dedicated to challenging the administration at any and every level of the daily news cycle, intent only on becoming famous themselves.

Perhaps this daily event should no longer be televised, just audio recorded. Perhaps a bulletin board could be erected on the street where daily items of interest can be posted by a WH press staffer. Many even a chap with a bell, at noon, crying “hear ye, hear ye,” I don’t know, but this crazed media frenzy has gotten out of hand and needs to be returned to civility or abandoned. 

So, what is the news? Thousands of immigrants in a caravan, declaring their intentions to seek amnesty in America, do constitute an invasion. The Liberal press spends their face time on such trivial matters challenging the president directly as to his definition of what’s an invasion. I know what one looks like, don’t you? While America faces challenges from winning Democrats, determined to make America Socialist, the silence that falls from the normally boastful democrat side is ignored. What do they know that we don’t? Something big is going on out there and it’s being ignored for who defines what constitutes illegal immigrants.  

These WH press people, in the face of more news of mass shootings by one deranged person, will challenge gun laws as ineffective while ignoring the deranged person. They don’t want a solution, they want an issue to thrash the president with and gun laws don’t do it anymore. 

Other interesting happenings all but ignored by the WH press corps was AG Jeff Sessions departure, his temporary replacement, who is to be the new US Ambassador to the UN, who’s the new WH lawyer? what’s the view on the potential inditement’s soon to flow against the multi-level layers of Obama’s hangers-on still in government who have, and still are, actively engaged against the government? 

The post election news cycle did revealed, but isn’t discussed, the fact that every candidate Trump stumped for won their election because the candidate threw in with a successful president; and every candidate Obama stumped for, lost. Everyone! That should be news worthy. It might explain why the democrats aren’t boasting as they usually do. 

Speaking of which, Nancy Pelosi faces imminent danger. First, she entering a realm of extreme dementia as her performance at press conferences demonstrate. Coherent thought, recall of people, places and things turn into babble and she faces a hostile democrat cacuse of young leftists determined to replace her before she sinks the little hope remaining for survival the democrats achieved in their retaking the house.The 2020 presidential re-election campaign has commenced. The media failed in bringing Trump down in his first two years. What’s next” Stayed tuned.

Remember, freedom is the goal the constitution is the way. Go, get ‘em!

George G. McClellan, a California native, was a Regular Army veteran and served a tour in post war Korea. His post army professional career covered 43 years in law enforcement including the California Highway Patrol and the US Naval Investigative Service (NCIS), among others. With the latter, he became a world traveler visiting and working in many countries from the Philippine Islands to the United Kingdom, Asia, the Middle-East, Bosnia, all of Europe, Russia and India. He retired from the NIS at Naval Air Station, Atlanta, Ga. and has remained in the north Georgia area since 1990 as a co-owner of a Security Consulting company. He earned a Certified Protectional Professional (CPP) certification from the American Society for Industrial Security, as well as a Fraud Examiner certification (CFE). He has published a historical biography on a namesake, a member of the John Jacob Astor Fur Company who explored a route west, and back, after Lewis and Clark. Early American history, Celtic influence on America and conservative politics, remain his greatest interests. He is also a bagpiper since 1975. He and his wife since 1965 now resides in Gilmer County, Ga.

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