The concept of “whiteness” in science denotes an infinitely wide band of frequencies/wavelengths. Our eyes can see as “color” wavelengths from 380 to 700 nanometers (billionths of a meter). The diameter of a Corona virus is on the order of 100 nanometers, so about a quarter of the bluest blue that we can see. What our eyes perceive as white, is actually light that is reflected from a surface that can reflect all the wavelengths in the 380 to 700 nanometer band. If a surface can reflect only up to, say, 600 nanometers, we may perceive this as white with a bluish tinge, since some of the deeper reds will be missing from the reflected spectrum and will not be able to counter all the reds that are present.

In terms of sound, our ears can hear from roughly 100 to 20 thousand cycles per second, which, in air under standard atmospheric conditions, translates to wavelengths ranging from roughly two centimeters (just under an inch) to almost 3.5 meters (over 10 feet). “White noise”, refers to a hiss that contains all of these frequencies/wavelengths. It can be quite annoying.

Since America is now in the throes of a race war, it begs the question what is “whiteness” in the racial sense. Those who wish to destroy America have been unopposed in grabbing for themselves the monopoly of defining racial whiteness. They started by defining it as militant colonialism replete with genocidal tendencies and a strong proclivity to environmental destruction. When people whose skin reflects most wavelengths in the visible spectrum tried to offer competing definitions, they were branded “white supremacists”, which, in America, is a sentence worse than death.

Recently, however, there has been a rather interesting development with regards to the definition of racial whiteness. In a since removed poster, the Museum of African American History defined whiteness in terms of things like “getting the job done”, forming stable families, punctuality, cleanliness, etc. 

If this is “whiteness”, I want every part of it. Count me in. In fact, I would expand this definition to say that whiteness is simply the attribute of civilized behavior. In that sense, the recently deceased American hero Herman Cain was one of the whitest men who had ever lived, though his skin reflected next to none of the visible light spectrum. I wish that I could be as white as Mr. Cain of blessed memory though I know full-well that I will never be able to live up to his level of whiteness.

Mr. Cain’s kindness, his soft-spoken manners, his utter gentlemanliness, made him ill-suited for the blood sport that is American politics, but they are surely serving him well in Heaven where he now resides.

Mr. Cain was the epitome of the civilized man and in a very real sense he was thus the epitome of “white”, at least according to the Museum of African American History. Indeed, there are many men and women whose skin is far from white but who are far whiter that most of us with highly reflective skins. Justice Clarence Thomas comes to mind. 

And then there are many people that are quite melanin challenged and yet not at all white. We see them every day burning down cities, destroying property, attacking innocent people, and, generally speaking, engaging in every form of uncivilized and hence un-white behavior. Their skin may reflect all the colors of the rainbow, but their souls are dark pits of destruction where everything that is holy and beautiful in the world goes to die. 

The time, two millennia ago, in which Jesus walked the Earth was marked, when it came to Judea, by an end-of-days atmosphere. The yoke of Roman occupation lay heavy on the people and the stratified, corrupt Jewish elites, sequestered in Jerusalem just like the American elites are walled off in DC, did little to help. Apocalyptic theories abounded, some of which made their way to us via the famous Dead Sea scrolls. In them, we find mention of the ultimate battle between the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness. The Jewish ascetics who lived in the Kumran caves just above the Dead Sea gave no weight to the color of a person’s skin. We can assume that they and most of those around them had been rather brown, but they must have seen lighter skinned Roman soldiers from as far away as Gaul and Britain. 

No, these guys paid no mind to skin color; their “light” and “dark” had nothing to do with the presence of lack thereof of the physical molecule called “melanin”, of which they were not even aware. The light and darkness of which they had spoken dwells deep in the soul of human beings rather than out there on the surface of their skin. 

Thus it is today. In the battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness that is going on in America as we speak, people of all skin colors are taking active and leading parts on both sides. Alas, the issue of skin color is being used by those on the side of darkness as an extremely effective weapon against those on the side of light. 

For various historical reasons that have nothing to do with our world today, slavery chief among them, the American sons of darkness are, though many of them have white skin, immune to the sting of weaponized accusations of racism, while those on the side of light are highly susceptible, even allergic to it.

If the forces of light yet have a chance of winning this war after losing so many battles, we must learn to become immune to the nonsensical accusations of “racism”; we must render impotent that most potent of weapons that is wielded against us by the sons of darkness. 

We can do so by changing the paradigm of the discussion and openly admitting of loving “whiteness” and hating “non-whiteness”. Not “whiteness” as a color, of course, but whiteness as a synonym civilization. We must openly admit to strongly preferring civilization to chaos, families to sexual deviance, God to the Devil. If that makes us “racist” and if by “racist” they mean someone who opposes pedophilia, who prefers cleanliness to slovenliness, politeness to rudeness, hard work to laziness, proper grammar to incoherent Bolshevik babble, beautiful live babies to a marketplace of baby organs, well then, count me racist.  

Regardless of all the skin-deep meaningless markers of melanin density, eye shape, and nose length, I love people who are on the side of civilization, on the side of light, on the side of life. And I equally hate people of all types who espouse the forces of chaos, darkness, death, and destruction. 

We all must choose sides before it’s too late. Choose yours now.